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Eve Responds To Criticism Of Divas Division, Discusses Working With McMahon

Eve Torres took part in an interview with the Peoria Journal Star promoting tomorrow night’s Raw live event at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois, which she will guest host. She was asked whether she finds working with WWE head Vince McMahon intimidating.

“Vince has always been so hands-on, and that’s why WWE does so well. You hear it straight from the horse’s mouth,” she said. “He teaches us what it means to be a sports entertainer and how to captivate (an audience). He has given me personal feedback. Is it intimidating? Heck, yeah, it is. It’s kind of hard to break the ice with him when you’re first starting here. But eventually you feel a little more comfortable. It’s a family feel, the WWE.

She also responded to criticism that the quality of the Divas division is lacking.

Torres said, “We have to work basically in a man’s world. I definitely, without sounding like I’m complaining, will state that we have it the hardest in the WWE. You don’t see much of us (on TV programming).

“When it comes to the live events, you get to see great Diva matches you don’t see on Monday Night Raw. We have great fun and some awesome, kick-butt matches. There are a lot of liberties we take (during live matches) we can’t take on TV. I’m proud of the Diva division. We’re in a struggling place right now in terms of TV time, (but) I know what each of us are capable of.”

She also reveals which past Diva she most emulates, transitioning from a dancer to WWE, and more. To read the full interview, click here.

  • erik

    there is some divas that can wrestle great in ring. natyla, beth, tamina is good as well. melina gail kim. problem is if wwe is going to put kelly as top diva the divison is going to suck. kelly bellas can’t wrestle at all. tna knockouts have 3 feuds. alot of air time and feuds on tv and ppv.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Tna knockouts will kick the divas asses anyday

  • Karl

    I am so sick of people using Trish Stratus as the yardstick by which current Divas need to be measured, and then using that yardstick to smack them for being wanting. Trish Stratus was an awful wrestler starting out, and while she did improve, it took her years to do so. Yeah, it would be nice if they could all be Gail Kim from the get go, but pretty much all the Divas I’ve seen have shown improvement — even Kaitlyn looks better than she did on NXT — and that’s more than you can say of some of the Divas of old (I’m looking at you, Torrie). But it’s a little hard to demonstrate that improvement when you put eight of them in the ring at the same time for a 2 minute match. If you want to go after the real guilty parties, go after the creative team, not the Divas.

  • Assassino

    i watch the women for their bodies not for their wrestling abillity but hey im not gay, not that theirs anything wrong with that

  • Jon

    The best women divison out right now is the Knockouts from TNA. There the divas that actually give passion about wrestling and actually do wrestle.

    PG or not the WWE divas are basically model, they only for photo shoots.

  • Stashathan

    well said buttercastle

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t understand why MEN of all people complain about women’s wrestling. Not sure if you guys have been watching any WWE lately but clearly the whole scope of the product revolves around “entertainment”, and very little about wrestling. They aren’t even allowed to address themselves as wrestlers. If you guys want real women athletes, watch women’s hockey or tennis. Because clearly the Divas of today are just there for eye candy, aka our entertainment. In this day and age where everything about the business is changing and nothing is the same as it was 10 years ago, you really expected the womens division to stay the same? And let’s face it, how much money do the Divas even take in? It’s not like people spend 50 bucks on a PPV to see the Divas. Don’t get me wrong, I respect anyone who follows their dreams of being in the WWE especially the women because it’s a tough career. But on all honesty you can’t deny that, at least in current times, they are just there so we won’t just be watching dudes for 2-3 hours straight.

  • venom

    I never understood why the talented Divas are only wrestling on Superstars.

  • ohdear

    I’ve mentioned my disdain for the current divas and their bad use on here before and I think eve popping her ass in a match on this weeks raw pretty much summed it up. Wwe at the moment are using the divas to put on “funny” matches, because tey believe with the current demographic nobody takes them seriously so they may as well “have fun” with them. What’s more they fact they won’t be taken seriously means it’s the prettiest who get’s the pop and the subsequent push, with help from Jerry fucking Lawler (who might I add needs to fuck off asap but that’s another story all together), hence why Yelly Yelly’s at the top atm.
    The reason Eve and god forbid the Bellas keep saying they live matches are better is because I imagine they get to call most of the spots and put on decent matches without being told by the creative “Oh! Do a stink face halfway through it’ll make the kids laugh!” On top of that serious wrestlers like Gail, Beth or Natalya are no where to be found because a) They’re actual athletic ability means they are less suited to the retarded playboy matches and b) I’ll bet they asked to be taken fucking seriously and got buried for it (just like Sheamus(briefly thank god) and anyone else who argues with management, because if CM Punk was right about anything the WWE writers won’t give you shit if your not kissing their asses). See I was damn excited when Awesome Kong got on the scene because it would mean someone with some fucking skill like Beth would need a push to sort her out. As such I’m ignoring the main diva matches until Kharma’s back and try not to flip my lid whenever one of my mark buddies goes on about how she’s going to ruin the divas becuase she isn’t hot.


  • cm punk mark

    they misuse the girld but can wresle

  • KitKrock

    Vince McMahon has an UGLY mole on his right cheek and he’s got a million moles on his neck. GROSS!!!

  • Justin

    No, it’s because they also just suck and Creative gives them nothing. It’s a combination. It’s a giant clusterfuck regarding the women’s division.

    And WWE is not doing so well. Lol way to be a sycophant, Eve.

  • Humper!

    Omar is right! Due to this PG audience the divas don’t have as much tv time as say Trish and Lita would have had. Ex when was the last time we’ve seen a long divas match such as a bra and panties match or a paddle on the pole match were the divas are half naked, or a bikini contest were king host that turns into a diva’s brawl… they just dont look like have as much fun as they used to

  • poko

    The generation doesn’t suck. The WWE has quite a few talented
    performers on their roster, they’ve just chosen to ignore them.
    If Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins are going to be your focal point, then your product isn’t going to be very good. I’d love to see Gail Kim or Melina or Beth Phoenix go at it, but that just isn’t going to happen on TV. The talented ones are only used to put over the spokes-models.

  • CM Mark

    LOL! I bet Vince has always been so hands-on…

  • Sparky Plug

    @ Omar

    No its because they suck. They cant wrestle a 2 minute match without botching everything, why would they give them more time. I would enjoy watching Lita wrestle now whether it was PG or not because Lita could wrestle.

  • Omar

    Its because of PG

  • The reason you don’t have TV time is because your generation suck. Trish/Lita generation was the best, they brought the women division to extreme heights, and what did your generation do, you destroyed what they built.