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Eve Torres Interview: Becoming Champion Again, Jiu-Jitsu and More

– WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres spoke with The Miami Herald at this week’s WrestleMania 28 press conference. Here are some highlights:

Winning the Divas Title again:
“It’s kind of like the first time you really don’t know how much it means to you, until you lose it. When it is the first time, you almost don’t know how to make the most out of it and to truly fight for it. I think any time you get the chance to represent the title and to earn the title, you learn how to represent it in the best way.

You learn how to wear it with honor, fight for it with honor and really become the face of WWE for the divas. It’s an amazing opportunity. You have to be ready for those opportunities when they come. Otherwise what is the point of having those opportunities? I have mine and plan on making it last. I plan on getting the most out of it.”

Why she’s Champion:
“All of the divas are given opportunities. It’s kind of the way you go after them and what you do with them. I feel like I was able to cease the opportunity I was given, and now I am divas champion. You are representing the entire company. I think it shows the company has faith in you, and we have faith in ourselves.”

Her jiu-jitsu training:
“Jiu-jitsu is something I absolutely love. I never planned on going into MMA or anything like that. I literally do it for fun and for my own self defense. I think it’s important for women to learn that. I think it’s very empowering and has helped with my confidence inside and outside the ring. I think that is why it’s so meaningful for me.”

  • In Grind We Crust

    wish we could say the same about Eve. She comes off as really stiff in the ring, almost as stiff as Maria. It’s ridiculous.

  • DA 420 KING


  • Tom… Just Tom

    @ In Grind… that’s as harsh as saying Jackie Gayda deserved to be Women’s champ. Is Eve the greatest? No, but she has improved a helluva lot. Her using so many different moves in her matches, from submissions to moonsaults, shows she wants to be better at her craft. And that’s something Kelly Kelly hasn’t shown, and she is more over with the fans than Eve. And we ALL know that Kelly will NEVER be the champ. Not even for 10 minutes.

  • In Grind We Crust

    why the fuck is Eve champion? Eve is the bottom of the ladder with Kelly Kelly imo.

  • misfit del rio

    On the mic she isn’t that good, but in the ring, she can wrestle circles arund everyone you just mentioned, you do know she’s a “Hart”, ie: her grandfather is stu hart, her uncles are bret, owen, davey boy, and so on. Wow its the wwe style that doesn’t let her go out there and demolish the competion.

  • Vassiliadis

    @misfit del rio Well, she is a third generation wrestler, I know that, but I don’t buy her nor think she’s talented enough, at least not as Melina, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool or even Awesome Kong.

  • marcum

    when is eventually right before royal rumble every other news artical was about kong debuting but now there is no new news and im wondering when kong will debut

  • misfit del rio

    @ vassiliadis, please tell me this is a joke, how in the hell do you not see a third generation wrestler like natie neidhart as a champion, wow that has to be the stupidst ting I’ve ever read on here. Wow umm you sir or madaam are a complete fool if you think natie is not championship material, I know everyone is intitled to an opinon, but your pushing it, lol. Damn your dumb.

  • I do like Eve as a Divas Champion, very talented and with a lot of potential. Because Natalya… well, I just don’t buy her as Divas Champion.