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Exchange Between Austin and Sheamus After Recent Comments

– After Steve Austin recently said that Sheamus isn’t ready to be World Heavyweight Champion yet, Sheamus replied on Twitter:

“Appreciate words from @steveaustinBSR – i strive to get better everyday fella & hard work is something i love.. See me bring Hell in a Cell.”

Austin replied:

“@WWESheamus Go get em, kid. Always be a student of the game and keep working hard. Safe travels. #respect from the #BSR”

  • paul s

    Hes establishing his signature moves. Think how stupid the peoples elbow was before fans got behind it. Plus he gets a lot of crowd Interaction when doing those 2 moves in particular, he probably actually enjoys performing them because of this . I think he has a pretty decent and always growing moveset. U never get a standard suplex or body slam with sheamus. I love the brogue kick its a great finisher. And it looks like he takes their head off.

  • Zedd

    He needs to stop smiling like a idiot and do more moves than just the hammer shots in the ropes and the brouge kick, that would be a major improvement.

  • paul s

    Austin gave some tough criticism and sheamus took it like a man. Sheamus is here to stay get used to it he is a great worker. I still preferred him as a heel though just because Americans don’t really get his craic. 1st Irish champ! Austin knows the business well Vince should use former talent for booking and storyline they’re much more on the level of the fans and know the business inside out. Austin and punks wwe13 back and forth shows he knows exactly what hes talking about and is still the best talker in wrestling. Next to Jr of course.

  • Ray

    ‘.. A student of the game.’ I wonder if that was a knock at Triple H?

  • JohnCena33

    I think Sheamus’s character is fine. He is solid wrestler, solid on the mic, people like him (By people I mean the 80% of the WWE universe, not the small 20% of the internet fans.)

  • Jimbotron

    I like Sheamus, but WWE is booking him like Cena and Orton. If they do that for too long, people are just going to get sick of him too.

  • Dan

    As a heel he wasn’t too bad, the only complaint people had was that he got the belt too soon. As a face he’s just dull.

  • Cobra

    At least Sheamus is understanding that he still needs work and he isn’t being an asshole about it or acting like he doesn’t help

  • Hasan

    Little does he know that he will always suck!