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Exchange Between The Rock & Hornswoggle, Punk & Colt at NHL Game, RAW on LI

– John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Chris Jericho is being advertised for the June 18th RAW Supershow on Long Island. This is the night after WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view.

– WWE Champion CM Punk and Colt Cabana were in attendance for Wednesday’s Chicago Blackhawks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game.

– Hornswoggle posted a photo of “I’m sorry” written on his wrist Wednesday afternoon and said he just had a talk with The Rock. This was his way of apologizing after he made the following comments back on March 12th:

“Glad @TheRock needs to sing karaoke to get his $hit in. @JohnCena will always be a true professional, doesn’t need scripted lines, bullet points, or #stupidsrxualinuendos like @TheRock”

The Rock wrote the following on Wednesday, in response to Hornswoggle’s apology:

“@wwehornswoggle Thank U but not needed. Its what friends do – talk it out. Plus, if U took a swing at me you’d hit my balls. #NoBallShots”

  • ogitchida

    thats because the so many people behind him are the PG BITCHES(WWE rosters) that we are sick and tired of !!!

  • ashley

    ok then cena dosent use anything to help in promos even though you clearly see him in back stage interviews reading off of something he cant keep his eyes off it

  • nnac

    funny how so many people are behind cena and sayin how hes doin great… yet he still cant make the fans like him more than rock.

  • JohnCenasHair

    Punk was at the Blackhawks vs. Canucks game, not Blue Jackets.

    But why should the facts matter?

  • Jimbo

    What the hell is a nobody like Hornswoggle even doing getting his nose into something like this?

  • Jason L

    #NoBallShots. Classic lol

  • rko

    I can see it now. Leprechaun 20th starring the rock. The rock is in a bad mood these days and feels like stealing himself a pot of gold.

  • poko

    Did I miss something? Hasn’t grade-school humor been Cena’s bread and butter for awhile? Did Hornswoggle completely miss the Eve storyline?

  • Little Jimmy

    Go Little Jimmy Go!

  • Prince

    Rock just doesn’t want Hornswoggle to damage the People’s strudel with his punch.

  • Hasan

    LOL look at that little troll go!

  • xXx

    the rock vs hornswoggle wm29 book it wwe.. tadpole splash countered by he pecpump of love..