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– TNA star Kurt Angle has been rumored online to appear in the new WWE ’13 video game that comes out later this year. The claims began after Angle mentioned it on Twitter but then backed off the claims.

Angle was not one of the wrestlers who had their moves and mannerisms filmed via motion capture technology so he most likely will not be in the game.

– WWE has signed at least two former NFL players recently and both are currently in WWE developmental. Dean Muhtadi is a former Green Bay Packer and Arizona Cardinal while Brandon Carter is a former New Orleans Saint.

Source: PWInsider

  • Buttercastle

    If Angle is in it, we better see Mr. Kennedy/Anderson too or else

  • TheAlmightyMitch

    His twitter was probably hacked.


    Well because he didn’t do mocap doesn’t mean he won’t be in the game i don’t think the wrestlers mocap their own moves anyways and if you noticed in WWE 12′ pretty much all of his moves were in the game they wouldn’t need to mocap anything new and his taunts were still there as well

  • Bill

    The actual wrestlers usually don’t mocap their moves. Besides, how could anyone find out about this? The guys at THQ are very quiet about this stuff.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    He was part of all of the Smackdown games until 2007.

    I think that’s a lot of motion capture for a game that hasn’t changed its framework since HCTP.

  • CC

    They have been using Angles entrance and wrestling moves for years in the create a wrestler mode, just as they have used the likes of the Hardys, Booker and Hogan when they are not with WWE, so why on earth would they need someone to come in and do motion capture to have them in the game?
    As said by Steve, how do they motion capture dead stars that have appeared in the games?

  • Steve

    Randy Savage was in WWE 12. Do you think he had his moves mo-capped? More ace “reporting” by Mark Middleton.

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