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Ex-Writer On Wrestlers Being Jealous Of The Rock, WWE Remembers The Invasion

— Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates reacted on Twitter to the apparent jealousy within WWE circles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being successful in Hollywood.

“Talking point: let’s say WWE Films had been a success. Don’t you think VINCE would have done same thing The Rock did – leave for Hollywood?” he wrote. “Vince has conquered wrestling over and over. If he’d smelled blood in Hollywood, he’d have already handed the keys to the kingdom to HHH and Steph.

“The jealousy towards Rock isn’t for him leaving. It’s that others can’t.”

— The latest episode of WWE Vintage Collection highlights the 2001 Invasion angle—WCW wrestlers attempting to take over the World Wrestling Federation.

Matches and segments featured include: Vince McMahon announces he has purchased WCW (WCW Monday Nitro – March 26, 2001), Vince McMahon firing Jeff Jarrett (WWF Raw is War – March 26, 2001), Shane McMahon becomes owner of WCW (WWF Raw is War and WCW Monday Nitro – March 26, 2001), Survivor Series Elimination Match – The Rock, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Kane and Undertaker vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Booker T and Rob Van Dam (WWF Survivor Series 2001).

  • shawn

    all right, lets just assume every superstar wants to leave us for Hollywood because some ex-writer says so. yeah right. MAYBE these wrestlers are just stressed out, dont look down on them. it cant be because of the Rock. look down on them because they’re blowing off steam while they display disdain for him.

  • Devil_Rising


    Ummmm….are you serious? The TOP directors and stars in Hollywood, are easily on the same “richness” level as Vince. You know, like Spielburg, Tom Cruise, all the actors that have a $20 million flat rate for doing most films. Etc. Vince is rich, sure, but a LOT of that richness is tied right back up in WWE expenses. He’s certainly not the “Billionaire” that he’d like people to believe he is.

  • RUSTanator

    whats the real reason behind vince hating jeff jarrett??

    the invasion angle sucked though, all the big name wcw guys where told to stay at home and sit out their contracts which where still paid by time warner or whoever dealt with the wcw contracts, guys like rey, steiner and goldberg where all better off staying home and letting their valuable contracts run down, thats why they came in later.

    plus the invasion never really seemed like a viable threat because they had to put wwf guys, austin, angle, even test lol, just to make them seem a threat.

  • Bruno

    That’s very stupid. How many people in Hollywood have as much money that McMahon has.

  • @

    What happend to Jeff Jarret anyway?? Was he future endeavoured or did he just want out and headed over to WCW

  • JIR

    I am looking forward to Rock vs. Cena just won’t read too much into it Hater gonna Hate, Game respects Game

  • ChrisDV

    Has a point – Most of the heat from Cena came from him constantly making comments about Rock leaving to do movies; yet Cena’s the guy who has a rap album, and has starred in the most of WWE’s films out of the entire roster – None of which have been anything to brag about.

  • ChadBrokill

    Stacy Keibler was with George Clooney tonight at the Academy Awards.. leaving the WWE for Hollywood went pretty well for her too

  • shawn

    i dont have a side to the subject of the Rock and the roster, i like em all, besides a few if course. this writer is an a-hole. surely he’d seen the positive side of these damn wrestlers at one point until he was led into thinking no one is good enough. he probably had tons of good stories for a lots of wrestlers that could have broken them out. maybe they dont want to leave let alone go to Hollwood. thats probably what the ex-writer wants. thats his field perhaps. acters and actresses dont mull in the morning and have personal issues like wrestlers do? green grass can have dogshit here and there.



  • Bill

    The Invasion would have been better if more big name WCW guys were involved & led the Alliance. Stone Cold shouldn’t have been leader. DDP would’ve been a great choice, but instead, they had him stalk Undertaker’s wife, then had him job to him. I love the Undertaker, but damn. What trash booking.

  • Bawb

    Lol Vince firing Jarrett as a highlighted segment. Vince must STILL hate that guy.

  • When you’re successful like The Rock, then of course there’e going to jealousy.