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Ezekiel Jackson Addresses Recent WWE Struggles, Planning Major Changes

Ezekiel Jackson, who prides himself in being “The Personification of Domination,” has struggled mightily since dropping the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Cody Rhodes in August. Once a protected figure in WWE’s midcard scene, the Guyanese grappler has been relegated to WWE Superstars and non-televised bouts since dropping the strap—the majority of which he has lost. After being left off SmackDown again last week, the WWE Superstar posted a candid YouTube video acknowledging his recent struggles. However, he vows to turn things around with a “new and improved Ezekiel Jackson.”

“So I just watched SmackDown and realized that, another week, no Ezekiel Jackson. It’s been eight months since I lost my title to Cody Rhodes and since then it’s been more of a downward spiral than anything. Had a few disappointments, more than I expect from myself. I haven’t been The Personification of Domination. I think that’s going to change. It’s definitely going to change,” he says.

“Beginning this week I’m going to invite you guys on a journey. Follow me, see what I’m about to do. I’m going to change everything about me, starting from the inside. I heard a quote by Deion Sanders and it said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” The pay I’m looking for is one of the major championships of the WWE. The feel I want is just that elation from the crowd when they see the new and improved Ezekiel Jackson.”


  • adam

    Learnd more then three moves then we will talk yes your scoop slam clothesline and Tourtre rack are ok moves but you need more then that and some charisma would help.

  • nick

    @ b c Mitchell. since wen has Guyana been in africa? Its in south america u goof! Does no 1 remember The Corre? 4 stars from 4 continents

  • kitkrock

    Zeke sucks. PERIOD.

  • Dan

    He eint no 2 cold scorpio

  • b c Mitchell

    He can’t be the next big African American wrestler. He isn’t American. He’s African. Not all black people can be African American. Fucking political correct bullshit.

  • Bill

    He could have be a very feel-good kind of face if he got some more character & some more creative moves. I won’t count him out just yet.

  • Dans

    Can see Regal getting him on NXT and building him up as a monster its the only show on WWE that has no monsters or big men!

  • SYM

    Zeke has the possibility to be huge. He could be the Next Big African American Wrestler. He just needs to show his stuff and get himself more noticed

  • chronoxiong

    Have some mic skills Ezekiel. That’s all that matters and not smiling on camera all the time.

  • dlb

    maybe incorporate some more moves besides those clotheslines