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Ezekiel Jackson Appears As Babyface, Diva Turned Due To Heel Shortage

— Ezekiel Jackson worked as a babyface at last night’s SmackDown live event in Pensacola, Florida, teaming with WWE Tag Team Champion Kane. The monstrous duo beat Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who portraying sneaky heels. Kane chokeslammed Slater for the win.

Jackson defeated Big Show in a singles match on Friday’s episode of SmackDown and refused to celebrate with fellow Corre members afterward. Backstage, he was attacked in retaliation.

— Rosa Mendes, who has been portrayed as a babyface character in recent months, was reverted back to the dark side. She appeared as a heel character against babyface Natalya at last night’s SmackDown live event in Pensacola, Florida. The third generation wrestler beat Mendes via Sharpshooter.

Mendes’ sudden turn can be attributed to the shortage of heel Divas on SmackDown. Layla established herself as a babyface on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, leaving Alicia Fox as the lone heel on the brand. However, Fox suffered a shoulder injury at the television taping after taking a clothesline from Kharma and therefore is out of action. Meanwhile, Kharma is working this weekend’s Raw live event tour. This leaves Mendes as the lone active heel Diva on SmackDown.

— WWE launched a program between Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero on Friday’s episode of SmackDown as the third generation wrestler shook Cara’s hand following his victory over Tyson Kidd. In their first match together, Cara beat Guerrero at last night’s SmackDown live event in Pensacola, Florida.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • kpnuttzlol

    Wow.Shortage of Heel diva’s. Has wwe actualy tried the Raw brand there’s more than enough there? Why not bring Gail Kim across to Smackdown and make her a heel? She needs some more TV time for sure.

  • CC

    @JAck45 if that is the case, then surely she would go after Layla based on the fact that she has been a heel for a few years now, and has yet to do anything to mark her as a face. As I say, running away like that is not a very face like thing to do.
    With Kelly Kelly, it made sense that she was so scared that she was just frozen in the corner, but for me, Fox attacking Kharma like she did while Layla ran off was more of a face reaction as heels are supposed to be cowardly and faces are supposed to be brave.

  • Dave

    I’m really not surprised by Jacksons face turn. He was very over with the crowd before being made a member of The Corre. And making him a part of a faction was just diluting how over he was. Right now he needs a singles run, and since was so over before The Corre, a babyface singles run would be the natural way to go. Particularly now Mark Henry has turned heel and Great Khali is rumoured to be turning soon as well. Gives him a couple of monster heels to feud with.

  • Way not just bring in some new face from FCW to be heel divas on Smackdown!!!! Katilyn would make a great powerhouse heel if she would stop looking awkward in the ring.

  • JAck45

    @CC, ud have to assume that Kharma, is only going after the heels currently, as her whole gimic is “kharma” so leaving Layla alone also comes to the assumption that she is face. And since Kharma is still debuting the whole “omg shes a scary person, i want to run away” thing, Layla fleeing is understandable.
    As for Ezekiel, he needs to stay heel imo, but since hes beating on the Corre, looks like a face switch is probable.

  • JIR

    So the finally have something for Chavo

  • venom

    It looks like down the road we’ll see Big Zeke vs Mark Henry.

  • CC

    If they are turning Jackson face already, that is a joke. When he was moved to RAW after ECW shut up shop, he made a weird switch from heel to face for no reason. Then when he switch to SD he just suddenly switched back to being a heel and joined The Corre. Now, five minutes later he is a face again?

    As for Layla, its possible she is turning face, but I dont see how her running off and leaving Fox in the ring to be beaten up is an indication that she is a face already.