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Facebook Pulls Ultimate Warrior’s Latest Hogan Rant, Warrior Blames Hogan

Ultimate Warrior’s Facebook rant in which he called Hulk Hogan a “Vagina Man” and blasted the wrestling legend’s daughter Brooke for posing nude for PETA has been removed by the social media empire. The master of the Gorilla Press Slam believes his arch-nemesis cried to Facebook execs to have the dismissive post removed.

Warrior wrote this morning on Twitter, “Terry ran to Facebook Corporate and cried about my “Hey, Terry. Be you, man.” note. They removed it. Jesus, Terry, if you are that sensitive and emotional, use some of the exorbitant budget you spend on Viagra and go buy some real gas. Fuck, soon you’ll been wearing a dress on TNA for a gimmick.”

Hogan, in response, said on Twitter he had no idea Warrior “made another video” and that fans probably reported it. Facebook allows users to report abuse—hate speech, threats, graphic violence and bullying are prohibited on the social networking site.

Hogan also added that he’s “praying for Jim.”

Warrior has since re-posted the rant on Twitter, which can be accessed here. He also snidely responded to a user remarking that “at least Hogan is on TV.”

“Yeah, killing the business and opportunities for young guys to have a shot at their OWN stardom,” Warrior replied. “Super.”

  • Satan

    Warrior was greater than Hogan ever was

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    MrDr3w is referring to Hogans new wife, the 2 are almost identical.

  • Evil Doink

    I say, if Hogan will do anything for money, why shouldn’t it be okay for Brooke to do anything for money?

    Warrior is simply pointing out Hogan’s negative traits that people somehow don’t see, traits which go beyond his wrestling career. And yeah, I don’t see what being on TV has to do with anything, at least Warrior knows his place.

  • MrDr3w

    Didn’t he used to have problems with his daughter conveying a poor image of herself while she was a pop singer for those five minutes? Now, he’s totally fine with her posing naked for PETA. Hmmmmmmm…

  • Billy

    @MrDr3w… You clearly are missing something in the fact that Linda came before Brooke…

  • drizzt

    @MrDr3w I think that shows a much deeper rooted issue.

  • MrDr3w

    @scooter: It also shows real maturity when you marry a woman who looks exactly like your daughter.

  • Sean Mooney


  • scooter

    one thing I’ll say about warrior is this it shows reall maturity when you call a guy a vagina man

  • shawn

    guy’s so pissed. ha ha ha

  • venom

    I think if Warrior was still on tv he would do the same thing as Hogan and hog up the spotlight. We all get that Warrior is mad at Hogan for some reason, but his ranting is getting him nowhere.

  • CC

    I dont agree with much of what Warrior says, as he is as crazy now as he ever was, but that last reply to the mark defending Hogan is spot on.
    Only person Hogan cares about is Hogan, and if its at the expense of younger talent and the business as a whole, he couldnt care less.