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Fan Describes Another Awkward Encounter with Brock Lesnar and Sable In Orlando Last Week

– A few days ago we posted video of a fan awkwardly trying to meet Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable at an Orlando airport after last week’s RAW. A fan claimed on the message board that he had another encounter with Lesnar and Sable at a beach in Orlando. The fan wrote the following and later posted the photo below:

“On the beach here in Florida and I was taking a picture of the beach and all of a sudden I hear some guy yell “HEY NO FUCKING PICTURES” and I look and see Brock Lesnar. I didn’t even know he was there and I wasn’t even taking a picture of him! Pretty jerkish thing to say. Oh well still pretty cool to see him. After he waled by I took a picture, I have it right here but I’m not sure how to upload it. If anyone can tell me how to I will upload it immediately”

Lesnar Sable beach

  • unknown

    true,but it comes with the profession he chose….so either way he expects these things daily.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Fuck Brock, he’s a prick.

  • jt

    if people see he is there with his wife and other possible family members, why would you even entertain the though of approaching him. he is with his family leave the fucking guy alone

  • CC

    yes, but the point was they used his bad attitude to push him with a new angle, it just failed because he sucks and is a liability in the ring, not because of his attitude towards fans.
    Brock on the other hand can pretty much do no wrong in WWEs eyes because they know he doesnt need them, and his name has value. Rybacks name is worthless.

  • CC

    “he had another encounter with Lesnar and Sable at a beach in Orlando.”

    The “reporter” obviously has no idea what they are going on about. Yes the fan never mentions Orlando, but the article writer does.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Perhaps you’re right. I could swear I saw something about how he was turned into a generic “bully” character because it was how fans perceived him, though, because he acted like a disinterested jerk towards fans, even as a face, even at official WWE sponsored signings.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Two separate stories. One happened in an airport in orlando. The other happened on a beach in florida. No mention of Orlando in the beach one.

  • Lma O.

    Could be wrong, but if I remember correctly, fans had nothing to do with what happened to Ryback. I don’t even remember a story about fan interaction with Ryback tbh, but I could have missed it.

    IMHO, what happened to him was he didn’t know how to work safely in the ring and WWE couldn’t afford any risks with losing top guys due to injuries. They never can, they always put too many eggs in one basket. And of course, there’s probably something else we don’t know that we’ll find out about when he does a shoot interview after WWE lets him go.

  • JD

    There aren’t any Beaches in Orlando, it’s in the middle of Florida, oh and Brock Lesnar is a dick,fuck him.