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Fan Incident with WWE Champion CM Punk at the St. Louis Airport

– There was an incident at the St. Louis airport last night as WWE talents were arriving for RAW 1000 and fans were there to greet them.

A fan reportedly asked WWE Champion CM Punk for an autograph but was turned down. Apparently the fan was rude in his approach.

This led to another fan yelling at Punk and causing a scene inside the airport. Punk threw the man’s autograph book in a trash can. Airport police came over and Punk seemed very annoyed with having his time wasted, according to an eye-witness. Other WWE stars who were standing around asked fans if they knew “the fat guy”, who was the fan that got his autograph book threw in the trash can.

Punk went on Twitter and wrote about how one bad fan ruins it for everyone. He gave props to respectful fans. Ricardo Rodriguez was one of the WWE talents present for the incident as he wrote that fans “go from fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode sometimes.”


  • voice of reason

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  • voice of reason

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  • scooter

    Disrespectful fans are assholes my son once took his year old son to a raw live event and some fat guys shoved the kid out the way to get to Punk. Thats bit just sad on the basis that they shoved a child but also that they were that desperate to touch a wrestler dorks!

  • Nick Kidd

    @ poko go listen to “poko” her face

  • Loopy420

    Skinny fat ass?????? O_o

  • poko

    aww poor mr millionaire punk, i really feel sorry for his skinny fat ass, if only he was a nobody working a 9-5, oh well guess regular people have better lives

  • wwefan07

    Like eve said, people don’t realize how WWE stars are often on the road without breaks unlike NFL, NBA, and MLB.

  • evetorres_chin

    if i was always on the road and never getting more than 5hrs sleep a day i would GTS the first fan who pisses me off

  • mark

    this is interesting, as when he gave my son an autograph. He was as nice as anything. he even let me take a picture of my son with him .

  • Buttercastle

    The thing is everyone has their boundaries how “kind” you need to be without being too friendly or enthusiastic or downright creepy. What may seem rude to one person may be funny to another. As much as I like Punk he seems like he’s so full of himself sometimes and wants to be the queen bee just because he is on tv. Granted the guy was probably rude but you figure Punk coulda said something witty to lighten the situation. Either way it coulda gone better for both parties.

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  • voice of reason

    i got to meet weird al yankovic a childhood dream lived & i asked him politely for a photo he said no so i asked for his autograph & he kindly obliged, it doesnt hurt to show some kindness to a celebrity when asking for a photo or autograph.

    frankly i wish i did what the girl in front of me did & asked weird al for him to record my mobile answering machine message.

  • Nick Kidd

    i would have threw him in the trash can with his book!

  • wwefan07

    The airport is the last place you want to get an autograph from a celebrity, especially a wrestler.