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Fan Struck By CM Punk On Raw Addresses Incident, WWE ’13 Comes To NYC

– The fan who was struck twice in the face by CM Punk during Monday’s live Raw television broadcast addressed the ordeal in a brief video interview.

He said he felt Punk’s tape go across his face. When asked if he was upset with Punk, he said “a little bit” since it doesn’t seem like something a person should do. He then said he now knows how NBA fans felt when Ron Artest went after them years ago during a game.

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– To promote WWE ’13, THQ held a press event at Skylight West Studios in Manhattan to announce new details about the upcoming video game. On hand for the event were Raw General Manager AJ Lee, Mick Foley and Paul Heyman. The official WWE website has published an article on the event.

Cory Ledesma of THQ revealed that Heyman was greatly involved with the production of the game.

“We went to Paul Heyman to provide some creative direction on the storylines that are taking place in the Universe mode experience,” Ledesma told “We relied on Heyman heavily. It’s almost like he executive produced the Universe mode.” Heyman’s involvement as the writer of the Attitude Era campaign suited the creative force behind ECW well. “I have a certain kinship with fans of that era,” Heyman said, “So I got a chance to relive the Attitude Era and update it into the Universe mode for this game.”

  • Shawn O B

    easy Zach D. you can look but dont touch.

  • Zach D

    What a faggot this guy is

  • CM Mark

    This isn’t going to end well for Punk. This could set his career back again, I can see this incident making CM Punk DVD Vol2(The Return Of The Best In The World).

    One thing is for sure, he’ll definitely get the heat they wanted now.

  • @ grizz why should punk be fired? He was getting shoved by at least three fan and one even shove the back of his head what would you do stand there and take it? I doubt it punk acted as anyone of us who is being provoked would in self defense

  • Emerson

    Clearly some of you have never been to an indy show where its not out of the question for stuff to fly out of the ring and hit you, I went to an indy event where this big 400lb dude( i think his name was max capacity) got thrown into the audience and landed on this guy, Nobody had to apologize or file a police report because it was a grown ass man who got hit. same goes here. CM punk did not hit a child or a women and he clearly barely hit this guy. I don’t see the big deal.

  • grizz

    Punk should be FIRED. I don’t care what happened he has no right touching a fan. I hope he is sued big time. What an ASSHOLE!

  • Cropsy

    wrong post ^ my bad guys I’m talking about the kid who actually did it.

  • Stevie P

    This isn’t the same as Ron Artest going into the crowd. Artest went into the crowd to start a fight. Punk was in the crowd because of storylines. He didn’t go into the crowd looking for a fight.

  • Cropsy

    that kids a fucking bastard, just took a look at his twitter. he’s the kind of faggot that goes around with his ‘swag’ and ‘yolo’. I hope something horrible happens to him.

  • Prince

    This guy is such a dumbass. He deserved that backhand.