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When Will Fandango Make His WWE Debut?, The Rock on Set with MMA Star

– The Rock posted a photo of himself alongside MMA superstar Gina Carano on the set of Fast 6. Carano co-stars with The Rock in the upcoming film.

“We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse” ~ me & my #Fast6 ace @ginacarano #RockCaranoSmash

The Rock On Set With Gina Carano

– According to a report by WrestlingInc, Fandango is expected to make his in-ring debut at WWE TLC pay-per-view or the night following the pay-per-view event on Raw. Vince McMahon feels that Fandango’s character will get great heat and appeal to women, playing off the hit Dancing with the Stars TV show.


    WWE creative is horrible what kind of a name is Fandango? they think this will get over? STUPID

  • steven

    Just bring back Val Venus!

  • sdd619

    Val Venis 2012, but lamer

  • Richard

    I see a lawsuit from the real fandango movie ticket site.

  • danny

    it sounds to that fandango is going to be like the disco inferno in wcw

  • Jon

    No Jeremy I see more of a Ryback feeding time on him. I see this character as pointless.

  • DaveyH

    If done correctly Fandango could be a 2012/2013 reboot of the Rick Rude/Rick The Model Martel/Val Venis type of character. Heck when Shawn Micheals first turned heel and he was the ridiculously ott Heartbreak Kid but he was hilarious and it worked. So there is potential for this to work it all depends on how Curtis performs in the role and how the WWE push the character. If done incorrectly he could be the 2012/2013 version of Salvatore Sincere

  • scooter

    Know how I would appeal to women or at least young girls, I’d make a stronger divas division and I’d give them more merch. I remember Maria Kanellis said the divas should get something simmilar to a barbie or a bratz doll, honestly I think that would sell. As for grown women lets face it no ones going to turn over just because of one character your female fans have been wrestling fans their whole lives and they are no different from male fans and shouldn’t be seen that way.

  • Little Jimmy

    Curtis has charisma & Is good at funny & creepy so I’m looking forward to this. Will he be the metrosexual version of Rico? Who Knows?

  • mtlhitman

    We didn’t see him yet too much hate chill out guys a mix of val venis and heel = women attention plus guys to hate him good if he is good on the mic and in the ring i trust Johnny Curtis as a heel and as an hilarous guy its something new so why not : brotus clay (new gimick) Ryback (new gimmick) seth rollin , roman reigh , dean ambrosse , antonio cesaro , damian sandow , darren young , titus oneil , fandaago.Most of u guys ask for new wrestlers well i just gave u a list of this year new wrestlers, the rock coming back in 2013 , Flair should be making a debut anytime soon.Plus Cena did not win the wwe champ or world champ over 13 months they bring a attitude era dvd , attitude era videogame.Creating a new era take some time and it happen when we dont expect it like austin-hhh-the rock no one saw them as futur all of fame when they started i hate pg but no need to hate on everything they do : fandaago suck but the guy didn’t debut yet lol, Cena suck but he is still the face of wwe and the only wrestler who draw big money , CM Punk was so loved and now so hated lol i guess the heel turn made a few of u guys mad lol WATCH IT OR STOP WATCHING IT! 😉 u always have an option b called Impact Wrestling but i bet after 2,3 weeks u will come back to pg product lol.

  • LVW

    Alan Wake- are you referring to The Spellbinder?

  • Nate

    I see him getting heat, but not in a way that Vince would like.
    I don’t see how a comedy character like Fandango (no doubt he will be a comedy character) could be introduced into a serious storyline, especially something big at the TLC.

    As for appealing to women, I feel more like it would insult their intelligence…

    ‘Women like dancing, make a dancing character’ just seems a little lazy.

  • Jeremy

    I smell another Brodus Clay coming……FLOP.

  • Alan Wake

    Fandango reminds me of that Magician wrestler during the 94-95 era. Or rather, the Kizarny of 2012

  • Jimbo

    Vince McMahon is behind this? I officially have no faith in this character.

  • Bill

    I think Johnny Curtis will make the Fandango character hilarious.