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FCW Star Suffers Injury, Sheamus Brawls with Jinder Mahal, JBL News

– JBL is in New York City today filming for the FOX News Channel that will air tomorrow morning at 11:30am EST. JBL will be appearing on a web show today at 1:30pm EST.

– FCW star Seth Rollins noted on his Formspring account that he tore his anterior deltoid, a muscle in the shoulder, a few weeks back. Rollins worked last night’s FCW tapings in Orlando.

– WWE’s website posted a video this week of Sheamus causing a scene while entering the arena at Monday’s RAW. Sheamus made his way through the “Solidarity Rally” in the back and ended up having words with Jinder Mahal. Sheamus laid Jinder out before walking off.

  • Dave

    Things are getting bad for you when even Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) says you suck. I see a meeting with Mr Laryngitis in his future.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    When exactly did he rise from jobber status to begin with? Every week he fought a fellow nobody.

  • CC

    Yeah, was just thinking that.
    Thing is, its not the first time WWE has rush pushed someone, only to realise they just arent ready.
    Remember when they started doing the original Koslov “I love WWE” appearances, then he vanished when Vince found out he was nowhere near ready to wrestle on tv.

  • venom

    Mahal fell to jobber status real fast.