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FCW Talents Ready for the Main Roster, WWE Attendance, Orton, Khali

– The Great Khali is appearing in a new French movie called “Sur La Piste du Marsupilami.”

– Randy Orton missed the WWE Supershow in Providence, Rhode Island because he was said to be sick with the stomach flu, but worked the show at Madison Square Garden the next night.

– The WWE Supershow on March 16th in Montreal drew 8,000 fans for $335,000. The show in Providence was a sellout with 8,500 fans for $290,000.

– Talents in FCW that are considered as the guys who are most ready for a main roster spot include Husky Harris, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Damien Sandow.

Triple H’s idea is to not debut guys without a full storyline mapped out and weeks of build. Another idea coming from Triple H is not to debut several new guys around the same time.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • chronoxiong

    That probably explains why The Great Khali is employed again. Stupid cross-marketing strategy.

  • HBK

    If that’s the case, how comes neither Mahal nor Clay has been involved in any story lines (if you count the Di Biase-Mahal feud as a storyline)

  • CC

    Lord Barvis, couldnt agree more. You only have to look at how Clay re-debuted recently, and Jinder Mahal, to see how they were brought in with a gimmick, but no thought as to what to do with them or if they were ready.
    Its much better to have something with a few months of story planned out, than just go .. “hey, this is a good gimmick. lets put them on tv and see how it goes”

  • Lord Barvis

    If that bit about HHH is true, I admire that kind of thinking. Too many people debut without any specific direction and just fall by the wayside. It’s a shame sometimes

  • Pyro

    Moxley needs to be called up immediately after Mania and pushed to the moon. Fuck the others.

  • JasonX

    So he speaks french?

  • heyfit

    I hope Khali wins an oscar at next year’s academy awards for his role in Sur La Piste du Marsupilami.

    If that french fool could win the oscar this year, why not Khali?
    Khali ftw!