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FCW Title Changes Hands, CM Punk Takes a Shot at AJ Styles, FCW’s Newest Diva

– The FCW Heavyweight Title changed hands this weekend as Rick Victor defeated Bo Dallas at Friday night’s FCW live event in Punta Gorda, Florida. Victor tweeted:

“Fact, 3 years ago I was security in Punta Gorda for @CMPunk. Tonight I left the same building as 2 time FCW heavyweight champion!”

Dallas barely held the title a month as he won it from Seth Rollins back in June.

– We noted before that WWE signed independent women’s wrestler Buggy Nova to a deal. She has been competing in FCW under the name Natalie.

– A fan wrote to CM Punk on Twitter that he met AJ Styles at an independent show and before Styles would take a photo with the fan, he made him cover up his CM Punk t-shirt. The fan asked if Styles had heat with Punk. The WWE Champion replied:

“Envy is a sin.”

  • Albert

    so if i wear a TNA shirt at a live WWE taping in the front row, will they ask me to take it off? Im guessing the would give me a wwe shirt … for freeee 🙂

  • Matt

    Not only is he envious, he’s insecure. He’s an average sized fish in a very small pond. TNA isn’t using fan photos and if they were, it could easily be cropped to cut out the shirt. Envy is the only logical emotion that would cause someone to do something so petty and what should be below him.

  • Rated R

    humm thought TNA love mentioning WWE any chance they get lol


    Sorry but I like Punk but pretty sure he left TNA cause he wasn’t used n Aj was winning NWA titles while Punk was still punching n crawling to the spot his in n that remark was not called for n the reason why I can’t stand WWE ppl wit there oversized egos n pretty sure CHAMP Cena still main events n he’s not even champion so think u need another pipe bomb to put urself over again n talk about ppl that deserve a push but really still stays behind u….

  • scooter

    Massive Punk fan but I was at that show in queston as Aj was wrestling a very good friend of mine. The real reason Aj asked people to cover up their shirts is that TNA plan on using the photos and they don’t want anything relating to wwe on their photos bit ridiculous I know but THAT is the real reason.

  • SYM

    Wow so lemme see here I know Punk’s a Entertainer and all but why would Styles Envy him? If AJ Styles envied Punk he would be trying for a WWE Contract everyday. I say it alot but I’m a CM Punk Fan and we’re both from Chicago and all, but his ego is Big. Just because hes in the Main Events after 6 Years in WWE he thinks hes the shit. CM Punk now couldn’t hold the “Humble Independant Wrestler” CM Punk’s Jock Strap. AJ Styles is in TNA, another Wrestling Company. It wouldn’t surprise me that he wanted a WWE Shirt to be taken off. WWE would do the same for sure.