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FCW Wrestlers Get New Names, Harley Race Cuts a Promo, Edge Appearance

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be appearing at the Asheville Mall in Asheville, North Carolina tonight at 7pm to benefit the Missions Children Hospital. Edge will be appearing in the food court.

– Wrestling legend Harley Race appeared at last night’s WWE developmental TV tapings in Tampa, Florida. The WWE Hall of Famer cut a promo for the fans from outside the ring and said his days of walking up and down stairs are over.

– Besides the former Chris Hero, the following talents have been added to the FVW roster page:

* Adam Mercer

* Aiden English (Matt Rehwoldt)

* Garrett Dylan (Jody Kristofferson)

* Sonny Elliott

* Paige (Britani Knight/Saraya)

Source: PWInsider

  • Devil_Rising

    Naturally, they wouldn’t want Brinani Knight to go by her actual wrestling name, or even Saraya, her MOM’S wrestling name. Cause you know, if she ever makes the main roster and goes to the UK…the LAST thing they’d want is for her to honor her well known wrestling family over there……

    Also….Aiden English, Garret Dylan, Sonny Elliot? The shitty, generic names continue. I’d LOVE to meet whoever comes up with this crap. HAS to be the genius behind “Daniel Brian”…that much wit and intelligence just COULDN’T be split between more than one person.

  • xXx

    i wanna see britani knight in the main roster in a few years..