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Female Talent Flop in WWE Tryouts, Lance Cade Interview, and more

– Florida Champonship Wrestling, the official developmental territory of World Wrestling Entertainment, held its annual Talent Evaluation Clinic three weeks ago. The FCW Clinic is the only clinic where WWE producers, WWE scouts and WWE Superstars are in attendance to evaluate potential WWE talent. The camp was attended by 63 dreamers and it is believed that only a select few would imminently land contracts with the organization.

The company reaction was that of the 63 people who tried out at the clinic, paying $1,000 to be seen, that approximately 50 of them had no business being there. In particular, AAA Women’s Champion Sexy Star received harsh reviews as company officials felt her work was terrible, her English was terrible and that she was overweight. They also felt she wasn’t pretty looking without her mask on. John Laurinaitis told those in FCW that when it comes to hiring female talent, the standard is if they aren’t pretty enough to appear in Playboy, then they shouldn’t be hired.

The only wrestler known to have been offered a developmental contract is Mattias Wild, who was trained by former WWE performer Lance Storm. Company officials were said to be impressed with his fundamental ability. Others wrestlers notably taking part in the tryout include independent women’s grapplers New York Knockout Nikki (also known as Toni the Top in Wrestlelicious) and She Nay Nay. Regarding Nikki, it is said that she ‘absolutely’ doesn’t have the look company officials like.

– One of the local guys beaten by Big Show at last week’s SmackDown television taping in San Jose, California was the son of music legend Kris Kristofferson, Jodi Kristofferson. The other two were Derek Sanders and a wrestler by the name of Fernando. All three were trained by All-Pro Wrestling in Hayward, California.

– The Friday Night SmackDown taping on Dec. 7, 2010 will be held at the Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. Tickets go on sale Oct. 8, 2010.

– Kenny Bolin had the honor of interviewing Lance Cade on The Bolin’ Alley on Who’s Slamming Who a few months back and would like to replay it this week as a special tribute to such an amazing talent. RIP Lance.

  • CC

    For all the comments of sexism, I’d have to say that you are all wrong.
    WWE has had a history of pushing men purely based on their look and physique, so why should you expect any less from them when it comes to females?
    Most guys who are not pretty boys or are not built like brick outhouses, usually end up with shitty gimmicks or are pushed as heels.

  • Michael Cole

    Wrestling? More like a modeling agency. SMH.

  • kane

    no one should be shocked that “ace” would say that. this is the same guy who reportedly turned down booker t’s and lance storm’s schools for wwe developmental for a complex that didn’t even have a bathroom in it. the reason? he liked the night life in tampa better. you can argue that they have diva’s that aren’t good enough for playboy now. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone is going to agree with his idea of beauty all of the time. besides, if people wanted to look at playmates, they would watch the playboy channel instead of raw. it’s a wrestling show, not a peep show. as long as they have people like him in charge of picking “talent” wwe is going to suffer.

    they have women there who can wrestle like gail kim, natalya and beth phoenix. i feel sorry for them. it used to be they could try to go to tna, but they have had taken the focus off of the women wrestling for a while now. it shouldn’t take a model or actress killing someone in the ring for them to focus on getting getting actual wrestlers in the ring to entertain us.

  • Code Red

    Oh and just further on that point about Sexy Star wrestling terribly…then what do you call the ‘wrestling’ which 95% of the current Divas do then?

  • Code Red

    Wow, that’ f-n harsh. Sexy Star from AAA isn’t overweight, and she certainly wrestles well. Better than most of the current Divas.

    Funny how Ace expects them to be Playboy material, despite the PG product. Also, they hired Tamina. Regardless of whether or not she’s Snuka’s daughter she most definitely isn’t a Playboy bunny.

    I do feel kinda bad that women who love wrestling and have dreams of breaking through might be short changed if they want to try out for WWE. You just have to look at WWE’s hiring policies for women. At times they pick up a Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim or Natalya, but if they want to build TWO Divas divisions, putting girls who could be a health and safety risk in the ring is hardly the way forward.

  • texasvenom2k7

    Hey lazytrout, this comment is in response to your first comment. Yes, I agree that the women’s/diva division within the WWE is a joke these days. There are very few of the women/divas that they have who still fit the bill of Alundra Blayze or other talented women’s wrestlers of the past. By the way, just a side note, but Alundra Blayze and Medusa are one and the same person, lol

  • Boondock Saint

    I think Johny Ace will have a different outlook on female wrestlers when Thriple H realises his daughters may want to be prowrestlers when they grow up.

  • Lazytrout

    Johny Ace is the real life brother of the wrestler who is known as road warrior animal

  • Lazytrout

    there goes the WWE killing womens wrestling by hiring talentless models over properly trained women wrestlers long gone are the days of diva’s such as Alundra Blayze and Medusa
    WWE women wrestlers who could wrestle WWE are SEXIST does Vince not see that he is a sexist pig.

  • !?

    I can’t stand Johnny Ace, how did this guy get this job. He is a f**king pig, Really someone tell me who the h**l is Johnny Ace!? WWE thinks that they are so high mighty, good looking women are fine and all, but man during WWE’s peak in the company you had girls like Bull Nakano, Luna Vachon, Chyma,Jazz, Molly Holly (fine example of beauty while looking average) and others. BTW: Who the h**l is Johnny Ace!?

  • Gimmick Guy

    mebe thay should have clinics at Adult Con.

  • shawn

    what a narcisistic company. they should leave the mirror alone. oh my,this reminds me of Coles stupid statement on NXT this week.yeah, I used to like him. it’ll pass.

  • James

    Looks over wrestling ability wow wwe that is stupid no wonder tna has a way better women division than u they know there fans want to see wrestling and a pretty face is just a bonus.

  • Soulshroude

    F*cking pigs those agents are.. I don’t think we may ever see another Luna Vachon creative referance again. F*ck them!!!

  • Dave S.

    Maybe they should worry if they can wrestle.Most of the Women in WWE are awful wrestlers.

  • lamar williams


  • nin

    since when did looks became so damn important..if so they should b managers not wrestlers thats y the division is a joke

  • scooter

    “John Laurinaitis told those in FCW that when it comes to hiring female talent, the standard is if they aren’t pretty enough to appear in Playboy, then they shouldn’t be hired.”
    and this is why johnny ace is a moron they still wont fuck you johnny no matter what favours you do them