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Another Feud for Booker T After Rhodes?, Update on The Great Khali, Ryder

– WWE will be releasing new fist pump foam hands for Zack Ryder fans soon.

– The Great Khali spoke with about how he was cheated by film and TV producers in India after working on two projects there last year. Khali mentioned working with WWE again but is looking at landing more film and TV projects in his home country.

– Booker T received high marks from his peers after returning to the ring to face Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes at weekend WWE live events. The Booker vs. Cody feud will continue on WWE TV and talk is that Booker may be up for another feud after Cody.

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  • Rucdogg

    All Hail King Bookah
    All Hail King Bookah

  • Diego

    Is Booker going to be in his own Fav Five?

  • Jason

    @ Diesel

    Please apply at WWE creative. I like that storyline.

  • Jon

    At least this give booker t a way away from the commeraty desk. I rather see Booker wrestle than do commentary.

  • me

    golddust will never get shit from wwe shame to he was always a good wrestler

  • Sammo

    Dumbest idea ever?! You evidently don’t read much, Sunshine.

  • JohnCena33

    @Sammo and @Diesel


  • Diesel

    Sounds cool, personally here’s how i’d do it: I’d have Cody have a match with Goldust on Raw during which Booker interferes and costs Cody the victory, then have Cody cuts a promo on Smackdown and basically b*tch & moan how Booker cost him the match and how he wants to fight Booker so a match is set between the two. Later on during the match Goldust shows up and returns the favour & Booker T picks up the win, then later a match is set at *insert Pay Per View name* between Booker/Goldust & Cody Rhodes/whoever which carries on up until the Rumble. During the Rumble there’s a showdown between Goldust & Cody, and Goldust eliminates Cody Rhodes planting the seeds for their match at Wrestlemania with Booker in his corner.


  • Mark Newton

    I would give Booker a run up until mania where he can have a match. would be his great last run

  • Sammo

    WWE needs to give Booker T a run in the tag division with Goldust! Anyone who wouldn’t mark out for that shouldn’t consider themselves a wrestling fan.