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Feud Discussed for Randy Orton, Del Rio & Rodriguez Teaming Up

– WWE will experiment with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez teaming together for the upcoming live event tour of Puerto Rico. Del Rio and Ricardo will be facing WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico.

– As noted before, Matt “A-Train” Bloom is set to return to WWE in April as Lord Tensai and will reportedly be “pushed to the top.” Besides John Cena, WWE officials have also discussed having Tensai feud with Randy Orton. No word yet if Tensai will still come in as one of John Laurinaitis’ henchmen.

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  • Damien Phoenix

    I’m actually looking forward to the Lord Tensai gimmick

  • Starship Pain

    Tensai feuds with Cena… mmmm… so… “pushing to the top” is another way of saying “bury him”, like “feed him to…”?

  • This Guy

    Hope A-Train shaved his body this time

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Maybe i don’t want to see Orton and Cena fued again, God knows it was bad enough the first time around.

  • Dhane Benjamin

    That’s actually a good scenario @Findley. Why not have Orton and Cena Feud? The Attitude Era saw all the top dogs interjecting and feuding with each other and they all gained equal top dog status. It’s what made the era so interesting! Even when they put each other over and lost falls, they were still established as Main Eventers at any given time! I like the cut of your jib, son!
    When SCSA was the undisputed Main Man…, The Rock, Triple H, Jericho,etc. still got to shine and gained status! It was EPIC!

  • little jimmy

    i wudnt mind seeing what findley said would be good seeing orton heel again

  • nnac

    and in 6 months, he’ll be on superstars

  • fivo goes west

    so push him to the top to feed him to orton or cena? meh i guess its better they feed a train to cena/orton now then later so people dont get too invested in him.