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Fight Scene with Angle & Rock Today, Sandow’s TV Debut, Washington on Monday’s RAW

– The Rock revealed that he will be filming a fight scene with Kurt Angle on the set of Pain & Gain today. He wrote:

“Big fight scene today for PAIN & GAIN w/ my boy – Olympic Gold Medalist & wrestling MACHINE @RealKurtAngle. #Boots2Asses”

– WWE talent Damien Sandow will reportedly make his in-ring debut on SmackDown next week.

– As seen on Friday’s SmackDown, Abraham Washington continued to scout talents. He told WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes to have an answer for him by Monday’s RAW if they want him to represent them. AW also offered his professional services to Ryback.

  • Mongo

    Because Jason is always in the know, because he works for TNA and owns a wrestling company…on facebook but hey it’s pretty hard mbeing a manager for a bunch of pixel wrestlers.

  • Jason

    I know SYM, these WWE marks don’t even watch the product At least I watch all wrestling unlike these tools. What a bunch of marks.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Wrestling Edge should future endeavour Jason

  • SYM

    TNA is not in the Toilet, if you’ve been watching its actually getting good

  • JohnCena33

    TNA is in the toliet and no plunger (aka Jason) can get it out.

  • JohnCena33

    Angle said he wants his last match to be called by Jim Ross, so Jason unless you think JR is going to TNA (hell will freeze over before he does) Angle will be a WWE superstar sooner or later. By the way how does it fell knowing that Angle, Hardy, Hogan, and Flair will be most likely returning to WWE for there last runs (maybe not Hardy’s last run) All superstars want to go out on top, not go out in front of some 7000 ppv buys with shitty fans who go to TNA for something to do. Its funny how all you see are sports teams going to impact just to do something. TNA SUCKS. TNA WILL SUCK NEXT YEAR. TNA WILL ALWAYS SUCK. I am just getting excited to see your sorry ass asking Angle to stay if you suck his dick.

  • bloodstone

    Jason i really wish this site would block your stupid ass

  • chronoxiong

    “Hey Kurt, remember the matches we had back in the WWE? You should go back there and not rot in TNA.” -The Rock

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Cant wait for Sandow hes gonna be good, jason your so full of it you dont know anything.

  • Tommy Z

    How does it feel that nobody gives a rats ass what you have to say Jason?

  • Jason

    Kurt Angle is TNA and will never return to the WWE. How does it feel?

  • SYM

    I actually wanna See Kurt Angle vs Osama Bin Laden at WrestleMania 29 USA! BTW Osama Bin Laden will come out to Muhammad Hussan’s theme! ALLLALEYAELALYA!

  • JohnCena33

    Kurt Angle vs The Rock WM30. Make it Happen!

  • Gorilla

    Its true its true is only line kurt has in movie