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Final Episode of NXT, WrestleMania 28 DVD Sales, Cena at Comic Con

– John Cena will be making an appearance at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on August 9th.

– WWE’s WrestleMania 28 DVD sold 53,000 units for $907,000 and was No. 16 in its first week of release.

– It is believed that the NXT tapings last night in Manchester, NH will be the final episode before the debut of the all-new NXT, which would start the tapings from Full Sail University.


  • Dave

    NXT rocks. Where else are you going to see the likes of Tyson Kidd and Joe Hennig get 10 minutes to show what they can do? The best they could hope for on Raw of Smackdown is a 60 second squash match against Brodus Clay.

  • WhiteboyChris

    man FUCK rey mysteros man that baskstabble

  • chronoxiong

    That DVD is selling. I noticed that my local Wal-Mart and Best Buys does not have any stock when I go look for it.

  • Knightcon

    @Maxwell I don’t get your first rant. It says it was #16. Not $17. It ranked #16 on the DVD sales chart.

  • SYM

    I would actually compare NXT to ECW 2007-2009 with better storylines but No Main Title.

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    NXT actually has better storylines then the main two brands. And the wrestlers actually try hard. So it’s entertaining.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ NXT no longer follows that format, It is just basically a Sunday Night Heat with the possibility of some talent going up to the main roster.

  • Maxwell

    NXT, in my mind is stupid. Back in the days, wrestlers looking to come into the WWE, didn’t have to start off on some “game show” to see who would win and become the break out star off the year, instead, all the wrestlers that were signed back in the day, HAD the skills, before their first time inside a WWE ring.

  • Maxwell

    Meaning the DVD, was only $17? Do the math 907,000/53000, and your get 17.11, and I know different places sell them for different prices, but theres no way the average was $17…good reporting..