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Financial numbers from All In

Bullet Club All In event WWE

All In became successful the day the event sold out in less than 30 minutes, but tickets weren’t the only revenue stream for the indie event.

Merchandise and other collectibles were expected to do some great business during the weekend, and after it was announced that the whole show will be on PPV, things became serious.

It was expected that the show will bring in an extra ordinary amount of money and the latest report from Wrestling Observer reveals nothing different.

The report reveals that not only the event sold out but the Starrcast convention sold 11,000 tickets as well and all the merchandise that were available for sale got picked up too. You can check out the full financial break down of All In courtesy of Wrestling Observer below:

Live Gate: $458,525

Merchandise: Every item sold out, no finite numbers from this

FITE: Grossed more than $1 Million between Starrcast and ALL IN iPPV sales.

Starrcast sold 11,000 tickets

Pro Wrestling Tees did just under $500k of t-shirt sales

Highspots had it’s biggest merchandise day ever at the convention

PPV Numbers: Not out yet and impossible to predict due to no prior reference point. Google Trends showed that this didn’t have mainstream steam, but no wrestling show outside of WWE has shown that in recent memory.

WGN Zero Hour: 196k Viewers. In line with station’s top rated prime time shows, even on worst week of the night for TV and not in Prime time.

Overall financial verdict: Grand Slam home run