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“The Fink” Not Thrilled With Lilian Garcia’s Return, Roberts To Make Announcement

— Legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel appears unhappy with Lilian Garcia’s return to WWE. When asked for comment on the “Decade Diva”‘s return to the organization as SmackDown ring announcer during’s live chat Monday, he initially ignored the subject.

“The Fink” wrote “Genku already stirring the pot” in response to a fan’s query. He then said he has “even bigger news” than Garcia’s return to WWE, which was Dusty Rhodes joining Twitter.

Finkel then appeared annoyed when a chat moderator posted a YouTube video of Garcia’s 2007 song ¬°Quiero Vivir!. When asked for comment later, he simply wrote, “Good for her.” The following fan comment was then posted: “Fink, you should return to announce. Belong on tv not computer.” He responded, “AMEN.”

— WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts says he will be making a big announcement this week.

He wrote, “For my 1000th tweet, I’d like to announce… A big announcement this week right here on my Twitter… Stay tuned!”

  • King


    it was at summerslam 2002

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    NINTH!!!!!!! LOL

    sorry I was bored. Gets boring when the only other poster that seems to be around right now is @venom.

  • venom


    These two had a storyline at a Wrestlemania or a Summer Slam. I can’t remember. Then Lillan or Trish kicked him in the balls. I think this could be a storyline or maybe he is jealous of her sucess.

  • Nooch

    Do they have some sort of past? Is there any explanation why he doesn’t seem to like her? I always assumed he stopped announcing because he wanted to retire from it. Always traveling and whatnot. I think he should just announce the big 4 PPVs.

  • Bill

    Is Fink turning heel again & going to feud with Lilian?!?

  • Tony

    Justin is getting married

  • Sean Mooney

    Fink’s return at Survivor Series was both hilarious and priceless. I liked the hesitation along with him taking probably a minute or two longer than he was supposed to, good stuff.

  • ##

    Finks the man. Love to see him return.

  • Joe W

    I love the fink, great announcer BUT Lillian is easier on the eyes AND has a great voice.

  • Shawn

    I’m in favor of Justin Roberts leaving and Howard Finkel taking his place on Raw. Anyone else?