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Finn Bálor, Ring of Honor, Young Bucks and more react to Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Championship Win

Kevin Owens’ title victory last night represented a victory for not only he and his family, but many fans and people inside and outside of the business. In that sense, it was no surprise the number of well wishers that took to Twitter and congratulate the charismatic Canadian on his first major WWE title win:

  • VRA

    Those are great observations. I’m going to be honest here, and say that was the best finish they could of done. I honestly thought for a few moments they were going to give it back to Rollins. Cass would of been cool, but I feel they’ll start using him as the new Big Show. Roman was in there just to be in there. I think with where they’re hoping to take it to a great place! I think a Owens vs Rollins match could be amazing! HHH vs Steph?! HHH vs Foley?! HHH vs Rollins?! Owens vs Y2J?! Lots of very interesting stuff on the horizon for Monday Night.

  • CC

    Not sure I am overly keen on the way the match finished, but glad to have Owens come out on top. Cass just is not ready yet, as much as him and Enzo are a great tag team. Reigns winning would have sent the fans into a frenzy of hatred and negativity (just listen to the boos he got during the sit down segment at the start), and Rollins winning, while it would not have been a bad thing, would have been a bit boring.
    What the win and the way it happened does though, is set up several new angles.
    Firstly, a lot of fans have suggested since last weeks matches, that this might set up a falling out between Owens and Jericho, which should make for some great matches if they do (Jericho’s jealousy and Owens arrogance would more than make up for two heels doing battle).
    The second storyline is kinda twofold I spose. Firstly, we could very well be seeing a Rollins vs HHH match in the near future. Pedigree vs Pedigree. Second, how does HHH’s actions make things with Stephanie and Foley? If Steph is complicit, will that drive a wedge between her and Foley? If not, will there be a Steph vs HHH storyline?
    By having four people in that match, and so many people connected outside of it, it may not be the finish I liked, but it certainly does have the potential to fuel quite a few angles.
    But is WWE really smart enough to pull this off?