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Oh Bilal: Five People WWE Should Fire

As we start to see the passing of the torch from the Vince McMahon era to the HHH and Stephanie McMahon era, one of the things I will miss is….

So in honor of Vince’s “Your Fired!” I will share the first 5 Superstars and Diva’s from WWE I would fire. Just because I am “firing” them does not mean they cannot contribute to Impact Wrestling or behind the scenes of WWE. That said when it comes to the active roster these superstars and diva are taking up valuable space that others could do more with. No hard feelings this is what is best for business.


You cannot really fault him for what he has done as a manager and in his limited in ring action. However, he falls into the classic “we have nothing for you now.” Every leprechaun or little person joke you can think of WWE has done, in some cases multiple times. Every bizarre paring possible we have seen from The Great Khali to some of the WWE Diva’s. I guess he could be GM of Raw or Smackdown but WWE just appointed two new puppets people for that in Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox. So Hornswoggle YOU’RE FIRED!


From marrying Goldust during NXT to managing the up coming Antonio Cesaro to being a current WWE Diva, she has been terrible at all three. She is not good on the microphone, in fact she is likely the worst in the women’s division on the main roster. Her in ring skills… what skills? Well she likes to crawl around the ring, that is about the level of innovation we have seen from her. Come to think of it the sooner you move her and give Paige or someone else on the NXT roster a chance (maybe Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte Flair WOO) the better. Aksana pack your bags!


How long ago did they let Shad Gaspard go? Only 2010, well it feels like ages ago. I give JTG a lot of credit for staying with the company this long. Unlike some others on this list he is good in the ring and entertaining on the microphone (granted repetitive). So why let him go? Well because you have young guys who even as jobbers could start to gain experience. As a struggling jobber Bo Dallas would be a much better use of roster space. Not to mention his holding pattern as NXT Champion is hurting others development. JTG all the best in your future endeavors.

Yoshi Tatsu

This one pains me the most, here is a superstar that is relatively over with the fans and great in the squared circle. However, since coming from Japan he has not been able to over come the language barrier. WWE should have given him a manager to help him take that next step but, they have not. If handled correctly he could be a good mid to lower tier talent. However he is now 36 years old, at this point he would be better off in the X Division in TNA, so he has a chance to hold some gold. The WWE is not really using him for anything (and they should) but at some point you need to cut your losses. Yoshi Tatsu this is in your career’s best interest.

Sylvester Lefort

Never heard of him? He is the manager of Scott Dawson on NXT. I would compare him to a poor mans Jimmy Hart… in fact a VERY poor man’s Jimmy Hart. Yes he works as a heel manager but his promo’s are entirely forgettable and that is the worst thing you can say about a wrestling manager. His character seems as out of dated as his skill set. It does not help he is paired with Scott Dawson who does not need a manager to begin with. While Lefort is not a big part of NXT I cannot see him as a WWE level manager ever, or even as a GM he would be worse than Mike Adamle. Lefort you do not have a future with this company and your present is minimal, you’re fired!

Who would you fire? Would you keep anyone from my recently unemployed list?

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  • Bilal

    Maybe if the WWE added a salary cap lol.



  • Bilal

    I actually thought about Hawkins and his match with Sami kept him off my list, would be cool to see him tag up with Ryder again so I am holding out hope. I agree entirely about Ryan. I think Riley can be a decent commentator as he has been on NXT, still a shame and he is on a short leash.

  • Johnny Stylez

    Id fire Hornswoggle definitley, JTG definitley even tho they could use him in a similar role to the one they used Elijah Burke once upon a time but I think unfortunatley that ship has sailed. Also I hate to say this but they could also probably let go of Curt Hawkins…The guy has a good look and after the match he had with Sami Zayn on NXT two weeks ago the dood shows he still has what it takes to carry a good match in the ring, personally with the WWE rebeefing up their tag team division I’d like to see a reunion of Ryder and Hawkins kind of as a bad attitude duo who have gotten back together in rebellion of their shit position on the card yadda yadda…So that brings us to 3

    1. Hornswoggle
    2. JTG
    3. Curt Hawkins
    4. Mason Ryan – I know they think this guy has boatloads of potential but my thing is if they were gunna do something with him they would have done it already they have had ample opportunity for years now and have continiously dropped the ball…I say let him go head to JAPAN, or even TNA and hone his craft a little bit more and then when he is nice and seasoned pick him back up.

    5. Alex Riley- Talk about someone they seriously dropped the ball on. When they turned him face over a heel Miz..The fans were really…and I mean REALLY cheering this guy. He was about as over as a guy in his position was guna get and instead of capatolizing off of it they let it slip through their fingers and now he gets little or no reaction at all…I’d hate to see him go bc i saw potential in this guy but they aren’t gunna use him and if you ask me it’s only a matter of time


    He”ll probably be released soon enough

  • Bilal

    True would be awesome to see him go after the X Division title or at least get some TV time.


    And honestly as much as I hate to say it they should fire evan bourne and let him go to roh or tna ,I actually wouldnt mind that as hes rarely been used

  • Bilal

    I thought about Camacho and Otunga so would agree 100% with them. Khali I could see, there is nothing really left for him. Sin Cara… could still tag with Rey but outside of that he is too injury prone. Fox is good in the ring but then again she is almost as terrible on the microphone as Aksana. So in short… I agree with all of that.

  • Bilal

    Haha thanks for the correction, guess I tried to repress the memory.


    I would fire The Great Khali,Sin Cara,Camacho,David Otunga and Alicia Fox

  • Hunter

    Hornswoggle was a GM already. But yeah, to hell with him lol.