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Flair Ready to Return to WWE?, Latest Fandango Promo, The Shield

– Below is the latest vignette for Fandango that aired on last night’s RAW:

– The Shield can now be reached on Twitter at @TheShieldWWE.

– A source close to WWE developmental was under the impression that something changed with TNA’s lawsuit against WWE last week as Ric Flair was in Florida telling people that he felt better than he had in a long time and he was ready to get back to working with WWE again. We noted last week that Flair was in town visiting his daughter, NXT Diva Charlotte, and apparently he was also in town for some kind of sports convention.

Partial source:

  • One

    Forget all this GM crap, get rid of it, Bring back the role of commissioner and give the position to Flair.

  • Omar

    @CC there is not much difference. Sure Flair earns more than Randy but Flair has more expenses than Randy too. Flair a boatload of debts and Alimony payments. He lived his life in the worst way possible and now he is stuck. He should have collected his money from TNA and invested in something, instead he keeps on burning cash and bleeding in matches.

  • Zedd

    Gimmick wise it doesn’t make much since for them to be on twitter. just like Abyss being on twitter, seems uncharacteristic, kayfabe wise.

  • barry horowitz

    MtlHitman you’d make a good point if your posts were even half intelligible you type like an illiterate palsy victim

  • stockshark28

    Haha Flair just so gross to look at any more nasty to the T!!

  • Buttercastle

    Who on god’s green earth comes up with these gimmicks? I’m about 2 more “choices that WWE creative make that have me asking why?” from not even watching anymore.

  • cc

    @Omar. There is a big difference between Flair and Randy The Ram, and thats the fact that the biggest wrestling fed in the history of wrestling is the one that he will probably end up working for, where as Randy lived in a van and worked shitty indy feds. Not even comparable. Even with TNA, Flair earned some serious coin, not a couple of hundred dollars per show that the Ram character probably earned.
    As long as he stays out of the ring, there is always a place at the top for Flair.

  • mtlhitman

    Oldy that gave any title belt he own sence the man who help nwa-wcw world title remain a classic one now used as smackdown world championship,Flair is in the wrestling game since 1979 he is and as an old school mentality he was born to be in wrestling can the guy just do what the f*ck he want!he would be a great manager and a better raw or smackdown general manager.(These days some getting afraid of hurting themself,well they just have to leave and quit doing wrestling cause when a wrestler pick to be a wrestler he know the consequence period nothing more nothing less to say to you new fruity peeble pg era fans) Old school golden age – Attitude era spirits will live forever… 1 ric flair – 1 hulk hogan – 1 taker – 1 the rock – 1 austin – 1 bret hart – 1 hbk .., old school draw rating stop bitching on flair you maggets !!!

  • Apacaveli

    The Shield Is Awesome….

  • Stephen Harper

    Ric flair will not be wrestling anymore as he doesn’t have to, probably will replace vickie Guerrero as gm which will be a good thing and if Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and roman reigns are all decently good wrestlers in their own right

  • Mark

    Flair can come back by all means but please not as a wrestler. stay retired

  • Omar

    For GODS SAKE Flair! Leave things be! Do something else! Dont make your life into the movie ‘wrestler’

  • ^ and your Momma 😉

  • hf part two

    The Shield?! LMAO

    Dumb Ambrose, Thorn
    Meth Rollins, Ironic Man
    Gecko Reigns, Captain Americunt
    Cm Skunk, The Infraggable Krunk
    Paul Hymen, Dick Fury