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Flair’s Reason for Not Appearing at TNA Show on Friday, Impact News, More

– Stan sent word that there was 29 minutes and 41 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling.

– After not appearing at Friday night’s TNA BaseBrawl event in Brooklyn despite being advertised, Ric Flair appeared at Saturday’s show in Asbury Park. Flair was claiming backstage that he was never told he would be appearing in Brooklyn before the live crowd, so that’ why he didn’t go out.

At the show in Asbury Park, Flair came out to cheers and asked why everyone was cheering him since he’s the bad guy. Flair then talked about how he is on a mission to return to Impact and capture his first TNA World Title, no matter who he has to go through.

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  • CC

    @Matt. It certainly is true that Flair is a legend, but he needs to stop wrestling as he is shaming his legacy everytime he goes out in the ring and wrestles. The guy is a shadow of his former self, and looks about 20 years older than he actually is.
    Nothing can take away all the great years he spent at the top of his game, but to continue wrestling is tarnishing his image, and kinda reminds me of Terry Funk as a guy who has gone way beyond the point of when he should have quit in ring action.
    Flair as a manager is perfect, but Flair as a wrestler is a sad joke if you know how good he was in the past.

    Simple fact is, if they put the title on him would once again show people how little TNA cares for younger guys and their home grown talent like Styles and Joe.

  • erik

    @matt are you drunk? aj styles samoa joe are alot better in ring than old man flair. who is old fat and can not walk. flair needs to go home. he is old piece of trash.

  • venom

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a contender to put Anderson over, but I don’t want to see him win it.

  • Matt

    Flair is a legend in this business. Have some respect. Even at his age he would make a better champion than most of the tna roster.

  • Prime Time Greatness

    please heavens no.

  • C – Sation

    17 time world champion!

  • Shawn

    Can TNA seriously say “Wrestling Matters” with a straight face anymore? I know I laugh hysterically whenever I hear them say it.

  • dan

    he means if he lives until the end of the month he will “try to get the title” joke of a wrestler.. always was always will be!

  • TheStinger

    man no…not the world title..step aside old man! I am saying that with respect!

  • cody

    oh my god
    he wants the tna title

  • CC

    So Flair was advertised for the show and appeared at the signing session, yet didnt know he was sposed to appear.
    Doesnt sound like a man who has been in the business for decades, coming up with dumb excuses like that.
    Is he honestly saying that he hasnt got the common sense to check with someone as to whether he is needed or not?