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Floyd Mayweather Reveals WrestleMania 29 Appearance

DJ Peter Rosenberg (Hot 97) has conducted interviews with all of WWE’s top superstars and spoke with boxing champion and WrestleMania 24 celebrity Floyd Mayweather this morning. Mayweather spoke about his close relationship with Triple H, a potential dream fight with Manny Pacquiao and dropped the bombshell news that he will be appearing at WrestleMania 29 from the Met Life Stadium in NY/NJ next April.

Mayweather talked about his past experience working with (ie. breaking the nose of) Big Show and told Rosenberg, “I’m about to go back to the WWE.” When pressed for a follow-up, he clarified: “WrestleMania.”

He repeated, “WrestleMania. I’ll be back.”

  • Logan


  • JipC

    Takes two to tango buddy. 60-40 is bitching out n out pricing yourself. Floyd will make more money vs pacquiao than vs any other opponent in his life. Likewise for pacquiao. Floyd is pussy. Simple

  • Bill

    Didn’t Shaq say the same thing about him being at WM 28?

  • Kingablert

    lol @ this jail bird, i won’t be supporting him or buying a ppv with him on it.

  • 1919dpg

    @bastionbooger mayweather has offered manny a great 60-40 deal which he hasn’t accepted. it’s only fair for mayweagther to make more money as he is a much bigger draw.

  • keylo

    so after glorifying a rapist now they are going to glorifying a women beater way to go WWE “be a star”

  • Austin

    That would be fantastic if he does nix it

  • nikki

    now vince will nix the idea lol

  • Bastion Booger

    I’m sorry I know this isnt a boxing website but Mayweather is scared to fight Pac in my opinion on numerous occasions Pac has said that he will do the random drug tests to fight Mayweather but Mayweather keeps saying that Pac is refusing it. And even Pac said he would do the fight with the winner getting a larger part of the cut

  • Max

    On sen colisse tu ben qui aille a wrestlemania 29.