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Foley and Ambrose Clear the Air, Backstage News on RAW Going Three Hours, Orton

– Mick Foley posted the following last night after the SmackDown tapings about Dean Ambrose:

“Finally had a talk with @TheDeanAmbrose . Unique type of cat. We’ll probably never exchange holiday cards, but it was good to clear the air.”

Ambrose didn’t reply to that tweet but did post the following late last night:

“It hurts to talk today again. My voice gives out all the time. Im not sure why.”

– Randy Orton was scheduled to face Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio in a three-way at the July 24th SmackDown live event from Kansas City until it was changed yesterday afternoon. The match is now just Sheamus vs. Del Rio. Orton remains advertised for some World Heavyweight Title matches this summer.

– The current plan once RAW moves to three-hours in July is to spend the first 50 minutes or so hyping up a top-of-the-hour match on both TV and Twitter, then kick it off at 8:55pm to run through the top of the hour. WWE will go with another big match or segment right around 10pm and the final angle will close out the show during the overrun as usual. RAW will apparently have a more structured feel to it.

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  • Eve’s left nipple

    Just because F4Wonline reported this doesn’t mean its true, Lets just see how it pans out. I can hardly believe they will spend 50 minutes without a single match…Thats bad even by WWE’s standards.

  • ant

    Sym stfu , dean malenko is a way better wrasler than raven ca ca ca that’s the raven sound

  • Champ

    That sounds like it sucks 🙁

  • shawn

    oh well. i just wont watch the 1st hour, thats all. unless i hear they put something on thats good during that hour. thats when THEY NOTICE THEY ARE NOT GETTING RATINGS FOR SAID HOUR before the idea if “they spend the first 50 minutes or so hyping up the top-of-the-hour match…”.

    just playing. im sure there will be mid-card matches. the thought of an hour of hype for a RAW main event is erronious imo.

  • King Albert

    wow just wow, i’ll bite my lip and wait and see before i complain.

  • SYM

    So RAW’s going to be 1 hour and 15 Minutes instead of 3 hours? Ok si ok no Ok.

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    I’m in favor for it but the dark matches will be incredibly early for the West Coast shows.

    I like the idea and I think the pre-game show might have some matches. I look at it as similar to the youtube pre-show (which is a great idea) that they are doing right now.

  • Shawn

    So the first hour will be more of a pre-game show rather than an additional hour of Raw? Odd, but that sounds okay to me. Guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

  • 1919dpg

    pro wrestling is such a simple concept. how has the wwe forgotten how to do things correctly. there is absolutely no way anybody in that company can watch the show and think it’s good.

  • Jimbo

    So instead of using the extra hour for wrestling and elevating talent, we are going to get more pointless skits and backstage segments? Doesn’t anyone over there have half a brain on how to run a damned company?

  • Logan

    Yay 160 hours of…..backstage skits, interviews, random stuff and 20 or less minutes of wrestling.

  • Maxwell

    Instead * sorry

  • poko

    “The current plan once RAW moves to three-hours in July is to spend the first 50 minutes or so hyping up a top-of-the-hour match on both TV and Twitter, then kick it off at 8:55pm”

    So I just need to tune in at 8:55pm? Good to know.

  • Maxwell

    Inside of an hour build up, how about you build it up for 20 minutes, and use the other half hour to let mid carders perform

  • Albert