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Foley Wants to Announce at WrestleMania 28, WWE Event Moved, Bourne

– Mick Foley told The Sun that he would like to announce at WrestleMania 28 for the Triple H vs. Undertaker match:

“I would like to be involved in WrestleMania at the show but I would rather not have a match. I’d like to go back to the announce desk and I’d like to provide commentary for that match. I think I could lend more as a commentator than I could as a referee. I don’t get the sense that I would add, dramatically, as a referee. But I do think I would add as a commentator.”

– Evan Bourne’s WWE suspension will officially end on Saturday, March 17th.

– The WWE live event at the Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia has been moved to July 27th, 2012. It’s original date was May 6th, 2012.

  • Matt

    let jr jerry and foley call the whole show screw cole

  • Nick

    id rather see the edge/foley wrestlemania match repeated with foley and ziggler, in the same stipulation as edge/foley at wm 23

  • LSC

    screw Foley, JR needs to call this one!

  • Snark Mark

    We all remember that Foley appeared on the Cutting Edge segment right before Edge met Taker in the cell. Foley was scheduled to call that match, but ended up going to TNA. Having Foley at WM to call a Hell in a Cell match between two guys he made in the cell would be sweet poetry. Hell, make HBK the ref and you’ve got a slam dunk package all in one match.

  • D2K

    Taker/HHH has no business taking place without JR at the broadcast both. Since I know that neither Taker of HHH would have it any other way, I know JR will be there.

    Having Mick Foley anywhere at ringside during that match does add an interesting dynamic to the situation considering the history that he has with both HHH and Taker. Both men are arguably his two greatest rivals. It would be fitting for him to be there.

  • Prince

    If JR doesn’t call that match I will be very, very pissed.

  • Gorilla

    Foley involved in mania would be “good for business “

  • Buttercastle

    I was gunna make a comment how I would rather hear Foley than Cole, but lately he hasn’t been too bad.

  • Trev

    Foley as a referee would make more of an impact, remember how he showed up and referred the Hell in the Cell match between Kevin Nash and Triple H in 2003 and made that match watchable and the fued 100 times more interesting in one evening and promo with HHH the Raw before the ppv?

    Foley would make a good guest ref

  • Wayne Rio

    Forget Foley!! JR the Man For Annoucing WM 28

  • PinkSinCara

    I remember Foley announcing at ECW One Night Stand 05. It wasn’t good.

  • xXx

    give bourne a future endeavored shirt