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Foley Holding Survivor Series Comedy Show, More on WWE Debuting a RAW Pre-show

– Mick Foley will be returning to New York City on the night of WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, November 20th, for a comedy show at the UCB Theatre. The comedy show starts at 11:59pm, giving WWE fans just under an hour to get from Madison Square Garden after the pay-per-view to the UCB Theater. Admission is only $5 and ticket information can be found at this link.

– As noted earlier this month, WWE has registered to trademark the term “WWE Supercharge”, apparently a new show for the Network. Word is that this will be the name for the RAW pre-show that’s been planned. WWE officials have discussed a 30-minute pre-show to air before RAW every Monday night.

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  • josh


    I think that is what everyone is hoping for. But we all know it won’t happen

  • D2K

    If they set this up like WWF Prime Time Wrestling was where they had a panel of wrestlers/commentators talk about current event sort of how yo have pre-show for major sports, it could be REALLY successful.

  • Automattic

    If executed right, this could be a good idea for them. Not sure which would work better though: An on-site show with the Raw announcers, or an in-studio version with guys like Striker and Regal. I’m sure they’ll be going over the main storylines, and the problem with that is Raw does that anyway. Ideally, spending 23 minutes (commercials factored in) talking about the main storylines should be plenty, which would free up time for Raw to give us more/better content. Another match or two, please? It would be bad to have the pre-show talk about something, then have Raw talk about the exact same thing, they need to mix it up.