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Foley Puts Over Ryder, WWE Relaxing on “Banned” Words, Jericho Video Interview

– Chris Jericho recently spoke with Celebrity Essential in the UK. Here’s the interview:

– Mick Foley says he’s enjoying the rise of Zack Ryder and compares it to that of ECW Original Mikey Whipwreck, who trained Ryder:

“Really enjoying being a witness to this @zackryder rocket ride. Reminds me of the ECW rise of Mikey Whipwreck (Zack’s trainer BTW) in 1994.”

– You may have noticed the word “wrestler” or “wrestling” mentioned on WWE TV recently. Word is that WWE has relaxed their policies on words that they don’t want being used as ratings have gone down.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Nicholas G

    PG did not destroy Pro wrestling. I mean go back to the early 80’s late 90’s it was way more PG then it is now. What is wrong with being PG by the way nothing. What the PG era has been lacking is the leader to run the PG era which CM Punk may become. I mean yeah he has an attitude put he is still more the mean the pro wrestler you like in the early 90’s but with an attitude. Linda running for Senate has nothing to do with them going PG because to be honest don’t think she has a chance to win either way. I say Vince going PG was a business move HBK has said that Vince never really wanted to go the attitude way then way he has WWE as it right now is what Vince always wanted WWE to be something for kids and people of all age to come watch an enjoy the show.

  • MrDr3w

    Think of it from a marketing standpoint. Switching the programming to a PG rating allows for a whole different demographic of viewers–kids. The PG product also opens the door for new advertising, like K-Mart, Mattel, and Walmart carrying their merchandise. As Vince would say, “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONAY!” Unfortunately, this new idea to make money is failing.

  • diddy

    yeah get rid of pg and put a ban on children under 15 being allowed entrance and market wwe to older more mature people get rid of pointless backstage segments and use them as they used to be used during the attitude era solely as interview segments and allow the use of bullying that will increase ratings no end

  • John

    So they finally decided to change things up after ratings drop. Why didn’t they think of this 2 years ago. It’s common sense. It won’t change anything as the product is far too gone but still atleast someone is thinking. Things won’t really get better until they drop the PG rating.

  • Whatever

    solution for the ratings: stop pg!

  • peep this

    Bill I agree. I really think 1 this was a business move to mainstream there product and appeal to a broader range of business. IE the anti so called bulling campaign, then the total move to PG. Then you through the Linda thing in there and yep, its more tied to here so called political run, in which itself is a total joke. She should wright a book on how I blew 50 million. The product with its current direction is total garbage. And the hints of the past just seem to be coming more and more to light. Maybe someone over there will wake up

  • Bill

    alleviate*, not alleviated. Sorry.

  • Bill

    Guys, I said it before. It’s all because of Linda’s campaign. She’s worried that she’ll be heavliy targeted if she’s associated with a “big, bad, violent wrestling federation”, so Vince tries to alleviated this problem by turning the WWE into a “family entertainment corporation”. All of this crap is because of that. Not because of Cena, HHH, Orton, or anyone besides a McMahon. Yes, HHH & Orton are known to bury many, but do you honestly think that they fully support PG? HHH goes along with it because he’d lose the company if he defies his father in-law. Bottom line is, PG WWE has effectively destroyed the world of pro-wrestling. It’s sad when I have more fun facing my friend in WWE ’12 as Cody Rhodes vs. Mason Ryan than watching Wrestlemania 27, Survivor Series 2011, or Summerslam. All of those PPVs only had 1 or 2 highlights. Basically, WWE sucks.

  • venom

    The athletes for this company are called professional wrestlers. If this not wrestling, then the wrestlers can do fight backstage instead of a wrestling ring.

  • Shawn

    Why the hell is WWE so opposed to being “wrestling” when, in fact, they ARE wrestling. That’s why they’re popular. That’s why they exist. If they aren’t wrestling, then why even have a ring? Please, WWE, stop signing wrestlers and get rid of the wrestling ring if you’re NOT a wrestling company. Thanks!

  • Bill

    See? Ratings go down when you try to filter this product into politically correct garbage. Remember guys, this is all because of Linda’s Senate run. Vince doesn’t give a shit about what he has to do for his wife, even if it messes up the WWE.