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Foley Puts Over Ziggler, New WWE Focus Study, WWE & Trump’s Foundation, Shad

– A recently filed 2010 tax return from The Donald J. Trump Foundation shows that the foundation has a fair market value of $2.255 million and a lot of that came from WWE donations. WWE has donated $5 million to Trump’s foundation over the past few years.

– Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard will be on BET’s “The Game” program tonight at 10pm EST.

– Mick Foley had some nice words for Dolph Ziggler after the two worked together at last night’s RAW Supershow. Foley wrote on Twitter today:

“Many thanks to the @WWE Universe, a great crowd in Anaheim, and all the Superstars..even @HeelZiggler for making last night’s Raw a great experience for me. I hope DZ gets more mic time soon. I welcome a repeat verbal duel with him or @WWERAWGM anytime.”

– WWE is working on a new focus study related to television that targets males and females, aged 12 through 17.

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  • venom


    I’m calling it too. They are hyping up their match now. Foley would put over Ziggler.

  • Mabry

    Zigler vs Foley could be good, but mick would have to get in shape. Anyone remembers Foley vs Edge, or his rilvary vs Orton?. Am a Foley fan and i know he wouldnt win a rilvary against Zigler, which is good, cause it would really help Dolph grow even more just like those two i just mentioned. At least of course Zigler wins the wwe title in which case he would clearly have to continue the rilvary with Punk probably till at least WM.

  • dlb

    ziggler has been good on the mic the past couple weeks

  • Jimbo

    You already have a show for 12 year olds. It’s called RAW.

  • austin316

    Doing a study to get viewers from age 12-17, really? go to the family channel

  • Assassino

    Fuck i really want Ziggler as World champion! He deserves it!

  • Cakes

    Foley vs ziggler at WM28 FTW.