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Foley Wrestling at TLC?, WWE Reportedly Drops Storyline, More

– Vince McMahon has nixed the idea of doing a UFC style 30-minute countdown show to kick off the Royal Rumble pay-per-view but is interested in one for WrestleMania 29.

– WWE reportedly has dropped the storyline idea of both AJ Lee and Booker T being incompetent General Managers, leading to Vince McMahon returning to bring in one General Manager for both shows.

– The idea of doing CM Punk vs. Mick Foley at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view has been brought up internally.


  • W.cares

    Surely Hell in a Cell would be better for Punk vs Foley.

    1. Foley’s association with Hell in a Cell
    2. Would allow Cena time to recover from injury properly
    3. Would make sense given Foleys part in the storyline.
    4. Allows Heyman to be unable to interrupt for most of the match (think back to Foley vs Orton Hardcore Match – no interruptions allows Punk to be put over by Foley cleanly)

    End of the match:
    Punk hits the GTS goes for the count one, two, thrr “kicks out”. Punk is in the corner shocked at the kick out. Then he sees the barbed wire baseball bat..
    Punk straps the barbed wire baseball bat to his knee, hoists Foley up for the GTS again and hits him with the bat. 1. 2. 3.
    Punks dragged out by Heyman as the Cell rises up, by which time Foley has pulled himself up and gets his applause from the crowd.
    Foley stumbles up the ramp, Punk gets a second wind, runs up the ramp and hits Foley with the WWE title on the back of the head.
    He puts him in the Anaconda Vice on the ramp and as Heyman holds the mic, demands Foley says he respects him.
    All of a sudden Rybacks music hits and Heyman and Punk run for the ring as the Cell starts to close, just getting underneath as it comes back down properly. Ryback just misses it, pacing back and forth on the ramp as Foley is helped to the back.
    The closing image is Ryback doing his “Feed Me More” taunt continuously as HiaC goes off air

  • pewp

    and tripple h (his ‘retirement’ match), the rock, undertaker, etc, etc, etc…

  • Jimbo

    It would make sense if they plan on Punk vs Rock at the Rumble.

  • mabry

    Old, fat, slow,and all, i would really like to see Foley unleash on CM Punk. That could be a heck of a match. I obviously dont expect Mick to win, but i do expect him to put Punk over big time, as hes done with others, such as Edge and Randy Orton.