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To follow up on the story of John Morrison snubbing Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXVII, friends of the Raw Superstar were shocked by his cold behavior. The assumption of many within WWE is that Melina was in his ear all week because she believed Stratus was taking her spot at the pay-per-view event.

WWE sources say as Stratus was presenting her match suggestions to Morrison backstage, he said things such as “I’m not feeling that” (coined several years ago by Hulk Hogan in WCW) and “I don’t want to look at you.”

Kelly Kelly was scheduled for the Six-person Mixed Tag Team Match at one point, but the addition of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to the bout apparently led to a change in plans. It has been speculated that WWE instigated rumors of Kelly Kelly appearing in the match to prevent news of Snooki wrestling from leaking out.

Multiple people within WWE are blaming the entire situation on Melina as they feel she’s primarily responsible for the friction between Morrison and Stratus. Melina has been a heat magnet within the locker room for years, which is why a number of her pushes have been derailed.

Comparisons to former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) were drawn early in her WWE run as many people felt she was similarly difficult to deal with and that her ego was out of control. Melina was sentenced to face The Undertaker in “Wrestler’s Court” in early 2006 due to her unscrupulous behavior, which is the unofficial forum among WWE talent for the policing of wrestlers that violate the rules and traditions of the company. Her ill-behaved manners persisted and she found herself transferred from SmackDown to Raw.

There have been numerous other accounts of friction between Melina and her locker room peers dating back to her time in WWE’s developmental system.

* She had issues with veteran female talent such as Amy “Lita” Dumas kicking her out of the locker room and forcing her to change in the hallway. Melina carried on the tradition with some of the younger Divas once she became a veteran herself.

* Melina was involved in a backstage altercation with Sharmell on May 13, 2006 at a SmackDown live event in El Paso, Texas. The incident was triggered by Batista’s fistfight with Booker T the week prior during shooting for the SummerSlam commercial.

* Melina engaged in a war of words with Candice Michelle via blog postings on WWE.com. In early 2007, Michelle accused Melina of stealing one of her signature wrestling maneuvers. Melina responded to her accusation by posting a picture of herself performing the maneuver in question during an independent wrestling event in 2003, proving that she was using it long before Michelle joined WWE. Michelle fired back with a defamatory post, which WWE.com deemed unsuitable to publish. Michelle also took exception to Melina claiming that she had a “spare tire” during an episode of Raw, saying she was jealous. The off-screen animosity ultimately shifted on-screen via storyline.

* Taryn Terrell (a/k/a Tiffany) stated during an interview following her elimination from the 2007 Diva Search that Melina was the one Diva she was warned about by WWE personnel.

* Maria Kanellis was not complementary of Melina’s backstage demeanor in interviews following her release from WWE last year.

* Brooke Adams, who now performs as Miss Tessmacher in TNA Wrestling, revealed in an interview earlier this year that her departure from WWE in 2007 had nothing to do with Melina—as rumored. She did, however, disparage her former colleague’s character.

Adams stated, “The reason I left WWE never had anything to do with her, that was just a rumor. When I left I was actually the only person that liked her. She was such a rude, fake, bitch to everyone. She then tried to turn my girls Layla and Kelly Kelly against me by telling them a lie that I said which in reality was a rumor that she started. It was never anything I said. I can’t stand her and neither can most of the rest.”

* Melina harbored great animosity towards Mickie James early in her career. She trashed James for months on the message forum of her official website while the two worked side by side in Ohio Valley Wrestling, going as far to call her a ‘slut’ in one post (while also belittling future TNA Knockout Angelina Love).

Melina wrote: “I’d rather work with a Diva who has no training than work with Alexis Laree.

“She steals other girls moves. Is lazy and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It’s justice that she isn’t on tv.

“But I do want to see hard working girls such as Beth Pheonix and Shelly Martinez up on the show… as for Angel Williams… she can cry on a pillow with Alexis – slut – Laree.”

Shortly after James’ promotion to the main roster in October 2005, Melina posted a lengthy commentary alleging she was victimized by the Richmond native—without referring to her by name.

Melina wrote: “I know that there’s going to be people who don’t understand. I’m sorry… I can’t help the way I feel about HER (I Hope you know who HER is). I tried my best to get along with the girl. It’s just not meant to be. I don’t know if you’ve seen America’s Next Top Model and how cady girls can be on that show… well, welcome to my world with HER. She hated me from the day I showed up to Louisville. She made sure my life there wasn’t great. You WOULD think it was a new person thing, but when new people came around, I was still the one who got her crap. But you know, as she tried to break me…. I just got stronger and tried harder. Our work got us on tv and She hated that I was on tv first.

“She hated that I got any attention at all. You know…. I don’t consider myself pretty. Not at all. Not like the other girls. And I am cool with that. Like I have said before, looks come and go but the way I am, the way i treat people and the things I accomplish in life… that can never be taken away from me. I can die right now knowing how I touched peoples lives…. I know that I did things on my terms. I never took off my clothes, kissed ass or slept with anyone to get my spot. I worked hard. I’m not perfect but I give the people my all.”

The entire post can be read here.

In general, Melina has a reputation behind the scenes for being ‘a head case’. People within WWE were praising her for returning with a improved attitude following her long injury layoff last year, but others immediately predicted that it wouldn’t last long.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • SmackDown the A Show

    Melina had the audacity to call Mickie James a slut, but while with Morrison she slept with Batista. You hypocritical tranny looking bitch, she has nothing on Mickie. Mickie is sexy & sweet

  • Logan

    I don’t understand why Melina still has a job with an attitude like that. I know shes come a long way since TE and being eliminated and I admire her persistence to achieve her goals. She just doesn’t need to be a bitch about every thing and to every one. She should be humbled and be honored that Trish was even in her presence. The thing that I’ve always understood about wrestling and any type of sport is to respect those who came before you.

    And JoMo, grow a set.

  • Bill

    @venom, I laughed at your joke about Vince. Not about the fake guy’s “starship pain” joke.

  • venom

    Everybody, thanks for ignoring the fake venom.


    Melinas in ring skills are crap and anyone who thinks shes a good wrestler is stupid and probably thinks Cena and Kofi are the best wrestlers ever.

  • Marky Mark

    Fuck that ugly ass tranny looking piece of shit.

  • Valo487

    If this is true, they should just get rid of her. There’s no reason to have someone acting like this on your roster, especially if it’s affecting other talent as well. Getting her away from Morrison would be the best thing for him.

  • erik

    have you guys ever heard of getting over on someone? maybe melina being mean to trish was a way of her getting herself over as a big heel. That is what heels do get people to hate them. sound like to me melina is doing a great job of getting heel heat.

  • 2ratedrko2

    If the majority of people have a preoblem with her, why does WWE still employ her? It’s not like people are changing the channel to USA, just to see her.

  • CC

    Whats funny is that at least one part of this list shows that Candice Michelle is a bitch and that Melina was in the right, and nobody even mentions that.
    Candice did a Kurt Angle, claiming that someone stole one of her moves that she thought she owned, then was proved to be a stupid cunt when she was presented with evidence that Melina had used the move before that plastic turd had used it. What did Candice do? She proved she was even more of a bitch than Melina but coming back with rude comments instead of admitting she got it wrong.

    While none of that detracts from whether Melina is a bitch or not, it does kind of tell you that maybe in all these issues Melina has had that she is maybe not always the villain of the piece people are lead to believe as a lot of the guys and gals you watch in WWE or TNA etc are not the nice people you might think they are.

    I really couldnt give a shit what people are like backstage, I care about what they do in the ring. I dont have to like a person to enjoy their work.
    Like many, I may comment on a backstage situation, or point out that someone is talking shit, but at the end of the day the shows are what matters in the end, and Melina puts on a better show than the likes of Candice Michelle.

  • Fatt Hardy

    i 100,000 % agree with venom, melina is a slut, but id still hit it lol

  • Poot Snacks

    @In Gayness We Suck Dick
    Dude, get the fuck out of here with that shit. Ahaha, look at you trying to use words bigger than you. every fucking word you stated, including “I”, are bigger than your little crusty ass. Fucking willy foo foo cuntasauros bitch fuckie mastadon on the egyptian plains of cum stains in the asshole of captain planet built BITCH.

  • lesner

    I wonder what happens in Wrestler’s courts with Undertaker.. I wish sometime, someone gives a detail info on some of the “Wrestler’s court” cases.

    Taker FTW!

  • In Grind We Crust

    and I don’t want no comments from you WWrEtards and TNgAys telling me it happened last month, I fucking know, I’m being facetious you willy stompers.

  • In Grind We Crust

    Didn’t this happen like 6 years ago? Why are people still talking about this? Goes to show how slow the news is in the wrestling world when this gossip is the water coolers best seller. Like why Melina sucks Knox cocks (LOL IT RHYMES!!!) and John is a doormat, haven’t heard that before? Keep beating the dead horse dudes.

  • Saintsman

    Personally, i’ve heard/read enough to be sure that Melina is a horrible person. In front of a camera, people can play the pretend game very well. i mean, WWE IS mostly acting right? Now, i’m smart enough to know that you can’t trust everyone that posts something up on a board. But when the only defenses i see for a person are from fans and not people who research this stuff, I know something is up. and not many backstage reports are completely wrong. I know trish is likely a devil in her own ways, and i’m not a fan of hers and never will be. But what was done was indeed wrong. This Melina thing seems very very realistic. This long report about her just looks like she is addicted to chaos. Melina is talented, i do admit, probably more talented then Trish, but if this is the way she acts cuz she didn’t get her way, she didn’t deserve to be at Mania. All in all, Morrison is a weak and sorry excuse for a man. And Melina is a trashy excuse for a human being. Thats all.

  • JIR

    wait til she starts talking trash about McCool is she has the lady balls

  • Bill

    @venom. Ha ha. @Devil_Rising, could you post Mick’s exact words? Plus, Melina was better in 2007. @KitKrock, how is JoMo racist?

  • venom

    Morrison needs to drop Melina period. She’s a filthy slut that cannot keep herself under control. Morrison deserves better, and that “better” is ME. Just imagine me and Morrison cruising around while feeling the breezy shores of Miami. OH my God, It would be like a dream come true. Then, on that special night, he can take his “starship pain” and shove it up my big hairy ass.

  • KitKrock


  • Devil_Rising

    You know, all this “backstage info” on Melina. Yet in Mick Foley’s book, he says that she’s a real sweetheart. Either he’s a total schmuck, or there’s two sides to this story. If she really is such a bitch, that’s lame. And the Batista thing certainly made me lose respect for her. But she’s one of the best wrestlers WWE has ever had (female that is), and that can’t be disputed.

  • venom


    I think Melina will change Vince’s mind.

  • Bill

    @Satan, well, what you say about judging based may be true, but Melina isn’t going to act like a jerk on her YouTube videos. Personally, she looks like a jerk to me. That’s my opinion.

  • Satan

    Lol @ people saying they dislike Melina you’re going to say you don’t like her just because of something you read on a dirtsheet? why would you judge someone when you haven’t personally met them I’ll take all this stuff about melina with a grain of salt i’m subscribed to her channel on YouTube she is competely different than how this is making her out to be granted how she is backstage in the locker room may be different but still i’m not going to judge her

  • Bill

    Wow. Stupid John Morrison actually listened to Melina. She’s like her old, bitchy character in real life. She doesn’t deserve her job anymore. Her release is guaranteed, unless Vince is stupid enough to like her & keep her.

  • PLW

    Normally I would curse, but since its Easter I won’t.

    Some of this stuff seems far-fetched but I wouldn’t be totally surprised… That being said Melina the wrestler is by far 1 the best in the business today and if they don’t release her they will most likely make her a “Jillian Jobber”.

    Melina the person, if what is said is true then only God can judge her for that. Her ways are definitely going to catch up with her if not sooner or later. But hopefully she change that.

  • Jay


    I don’t think there’s any “whipped” to it. Morrison is just a pussy.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Never liked Melina before and now there is a reason not too.

  • Monty

    She will get released from WWE, go to TNA and all the wrestlers there will ‘tap that’ while Morrison does nothing. I want to like Morrison because he is athletic but he really is pussy whipped by Melina.

  • venom

    If all of this is true, then I lost all respect for Melina.

  • jake

    I’d still tap that!!

  • Rucdogg

    lol Mike Knox? hahahaha and its funny she tried to fight sharmell since Booker whupped Batistas ass. meanwhile where the hell was Morrison while his woman was defending another man? thats just crazy. the sad thing is she used to be a good wrestler a couple years ago but lately she seems to botch moves left and right. Happy Easter.

  • kpnuttzlol

    I still love Melina but I’ll admit she sure is a bitch from what I’ve read but the question is can we trust online reports?.Just after skimming that list it’s obvious she’s got a good chance to be released in the not so distant future should all being said be partially true.

  • Fatt Hardy

    I hope WWE fires her soon, very soon!

  • someone

    Melina is a bitch!

  • Angry Dude

    I still love Melina.

  • Satan

    Melina’s hot she can do whatever she wants :)

  • Albert

    Don’t forget she also had problems with Candice, which eventually led to their feud. Just saying :)

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