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Footage of Cena Discussing Edge, More on Edge’s SmackDown Appearance

– As noted before, Edge will be at tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings from the Times Union Center in Albany, NY to hand over the World Heavyweight Title since he’s retiring.

Reader Belinda sent word that Edge will be vacating the title in the same building he won his first WWE Title at back in 2006 at WWE’s New Years Revolution pay-per-view when he cashed in Money in the Bank after John Cena won the Elimination Chamber. The arena was known as The Pepsi Arena back then.

– WWE has released the following footage of John Cena talking about Edge’s retirement after last night’s RAW ended:

  • Starship Pain

    Edge is a smart man. We don’t want to watch him ending like Droz, paralized…

  • venom

    I really thought Edge would wrestle Christian at mania 28. But that has changed.

  • dancounty09

    im no fan of cenas character but i have alot of respect for the man. edge has always been one of my favourites ever since 1999, just gutted we never saw edge v christian main event a ss or wm 4 the wwe title

  • JD

    Only thing funny about Toby’s post is his name is Toby. Other than that… It was dumb

  • CC

    @ Sam Peters. Actually Edge has been forced to retire as doctors will not clear him to compete ever again. Austin also nearly died before his last match, so it wasnt really his choice either.

    Fact is, if Austin and Edge has been in as financial piss poor condition as the likes of Ric Flair, you’d have seen them (would see them) hitting the indys still, regardless of their conditions, so thats as much as it was their own choice to call it quits.

  • Seth

    Anyone ever notice the direct correlation between the number of f-bombs and insults a poster uses to the number of words he or she can’t seem to spell correctly.

    For someone calling everyone “lil kids”, Sam sure spells like my 4 year old.

  • Chandler

    Edge aint done. Wwe plans ahead. Now if the angle happened on iMPACT! Itd be more believable


    Edge will be missed

  • JWaller1

    Toby may have cheapened his post, but it gave me something to laugh at.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    Agreed with the guy above.

  • Destiny

    Toby, way to go by cheapening your entire post.

    Thank you Edge for everything, and thank you Cena for the kind words.

  • @The Great One

    Some people are unfourtnate…and they dont get forced to retire!!!! they gat advised to retire and they decide to do it to save themselves ending up disable, what would you rather see, a walking Edge and Austin, or a wheelchaired disabled Edge and Austin

    i know which one i would rather see

    and you say fuckheads Hogan and Cena, Hogan i can understand, but he has never had a major injury that has made him retire, and as much hate as everyone has for Cena

    how can you wish on someone to retire, Cena’s character maybe stale and need of a change, but not the man himself, people like you need to grow up

    as they say in the promotional vids,

    “An Injury Can Happen At Anytime”

    just because your prob some either lil kid or 40 year old virgin that lives in his mothers basement

    EDGE HEAD 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Great One

    Talented guys like edge and austin get forced to retire yet fuckheads like cena and hogan seem to be ok

  • The_Electrifying_One

    Much agreed.

    Thank you Edge!!!!

    All the best to a true legend, very sad to see him go.