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Footage of CM Punk Striking a Fan, Police Report Filed, More

– The incident with WWE Champion CM Punk striking a fan at last night’s RAW in Sacramento, California has been picked up by mainstream media outlets this morning. People in WWE expect it to be a major story over the next week or so.

The fan who was seen in the video being hit by Punk spoke with CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole, who was in attendance for RAW last night. Cole approached the man for comments. He told her he never hit Punk. The fan says his face was “a little warm” after the assault and says Punk broke his glasses. Police walked up as Cole was interviewing the fan and asked to speak with him. Cole added that the man was filing a police report against Punk.

Since last night, it has been made clear that Punk struck the wrong fan. Here are more videos of the incident that shows what happened:

  • I swear some of these Wrestlers think they’re unstopable!

  • It doesn’t matter how many times it happened or how it happened, all the bickering, physical pestering or verbal abuse, any and all wrestlers are supposed to keep their cool with fans and other social media cause it is in their contract to do so but how much can a man take before he retaliates, and even if it was the wrong fan that got bitch slapped, just go on and tell your friends you got bitch slapped by a WWE champion and get paid with the your eventual lawsuit you should and will be filing with your attorneys. I see a big pay day and life time Wrestlemania tickets coming your way. lmao hahahahahahahaha

  • Tombstone

    Punk is playing a heel character, Now I know that fans should know better but some fans are stupid (SYM for example). Punk should have expected this kind of stuff and personally I think it was stupid for him to re-act the way he did.
    Do I think he should be fired? ——HELL NO! but maybe a nice 30 day suspension. Superstars should show more class than that.

    Anyone remember the chair incident with the Nasty Boys years ago? Didnt see them jumping on the fans. And I know we all expect more class from Punk than we do from Knobs and Scaggs.

  • rko

    This should have never occurred if security didn’t blow the spot and do their job. I can’t remember when I didn’t see security in the crowd planted in a spot because they know the wrestler is going to go into the crowd. Fans get touchy and taunt the wrestlers. The little shit w/ dark hair and dark shirt on punk’s left should have gotten punched in the face, but it shouldn’t have occurred. Some fans just don’t realize it’s a show and they step over the line. DO NOT TOUCH THE WRESTLERS. There’s a reason why wrestlers tackle and beat down fans who jump in the ring. It’s for their protection from stupid fans.

  • Yes! 3X

    I hope Punk gets punished badly for this. Why is it when Randy Orton is a jerk to fans the IWC buries him but when Punk does something 10 times worse his marks jump to his defense and say we need to try to relate to him more? I’m sorry I can’t relate to him because I’m not a first class a**hole with a chip on my shoulder.

  • Jayareeeeeeeee

    I blame the replacement refs.

  • Men on a Mission

    There is a guy behind the guy with the glasses that sticks his arm up under that guy’s arm and hits Punk without getting noticed. Pretty slick. Watch it again and you will see that the guy with the glasses actually didn’t hit Punk, it was a third hand. You can see that guy’s head pop up for a second, then the guy that actually did it watches the innocent guy get pummeled.

  • Caity

    I do think it wasn’t the smartest idea to go after the guy the way he did, but if you watch it, Punk was almost knocked down the stairs 2 or 3 times. I would have been pretty pissed at that point too. Plus the guy he hit slammed into him, looks like accidentally, so Punk knew he had already hit him once & that guy’s hand was right where the other moron had just hit Punk in the head when he lost it. Not the smartest idea, but also understandable. And where the hell was security? This wouldn’t have happened if they’d been doing their jobs. Punk needs to step up & apologize & WWE needs to comp him somehow & the little weasel who actually did it needs his ass beat.

  • Tyler(:

    LOL What a joke, you guys still defend your hero?

    Punk’s a cunt.

  • SYM

    LMFAO Punk knocked the wrong fan on his Ass!

  • Lew

    I wouldn’t sue I would hit him back but CM Punk was basically just defending himself against someone he thought hit him where the f*** was security it’s their job to Prevent s*** like that from happening

  • TBH

    The guy who was pushing him is a big fucking pussy, of course the fan that it hit didn’t deserve it. If I were punk I sign some things for the fan he hit and go after the one who was doing the shoving. At least te victim can say he got beat up by cm punk, not too many people can say that happened to them in real life.

  • mtlhitman

    Suing someone or calling for help make this young generation look like shit he did the right thing if i was punk would have done the exact same thing and if a wrestling try to hit me if i punched him or not i would still fight him back not calling cops lol or telling all of this to my mother or having myself trying to make fast money suing wwe lol go to the gym go take some self defense course and go find a job to make some cash ! What a funny situation anti bullying get burried now lol be a star must be mad a cm punk

  • El Dandy

    Why is it that security are always dicks with people that are being normal fans but when this sort of thing’s happening, they’re nowhere to be seen until it’s too late?

  • Brad

    No matter how many times I watch that first video clip, punk gets shoved in the back by that kid in the black shirt. If you notice, that guy that gets hit by punk, he is standing 3 steps (I am assuming) up from where punk is standing. When he gets shoved by that kid, that guy takes 2 step down so he is directly closer to punk, when his hand hit punk by accident.

    To me, while it may be accidental by that fan, he put himself in harms way by inching closer to punk trying to get on TV. The same pose, with both hands up, he was doing when he was 3 steps up from where punk was standing.

    Watch that first clip again and keep an eye on that fan that got he and where he was BEFORE he was right behind punk.

  • thomas2400

    I think this is going to make Punk into a Monster heel possibly the biggest heel they have had in years, no way with all the media attention will anything happen to him, this publicity will increase rating next week as people will want to see what happens to Punk and if WWE plays their cards right this could be turned into a major storyline

  • sam

    punk will most likely either get a hefty fine or a suspension, that will be that once they look at all the evidence. they will prob put it down to self defence or something i dunno

  • Jim

    It not Punks fault or the fans. Its securitys the never should of let the fan push him more than once. The security personel it that area are to blame.

  • The Dude

    I like how all you people say fire and have him drop the belt right away. Most people don’t seem to realize how valuable he is to the company. He is one of the only good things that they got. I hate how people say how WWE has been getting bad rateings since Punk has been champon. Look at the rest of he roster, look a the writieng it’s all bad. CM Punk is one of the only few things to watch on that show. I mean who wants to watch watered down garbage like saturday morning slam. Since Punk has been champion the attention is still billed on Cena. Like why did John Laurinitas vs John Cena have to close the show?

  • poko

    Punk screwed up big time, no way around it. You don’t hit someone that has not hit you, period, especially not a paying fan. He didn’t know who hit him and ended up assuming, which was, quite honestly, a stupid thing to do. So, yeah, that’s assault, and the WWE isn’t going to be happy at all.

    The WWE needs to apologize, Punk needs to apologize a LOT, and then maybe they can settle with the guy out of court.

  • The Killswitch

    @Sammo Yeah, I noticed that after watching the second video again. But Punk still hit the wrong guy.

  • Sammo

    Nobody “accidentally” knocked Punk in the head.

    It looks that the dude with his elbows up (the one who Punk lashes out at) knocks Punk in the head inadvertantly … But if you look closer, you’ll see it’s a hand from behind that guy that actually smacks Punk in the head.


    You guys are all liars cause you know you would file a police report too cause you would be thinking about making some MONEY.


    SORRY, like i was saying……… To me that elbow wasnt accidental at all, after that the guy acts as if he had nothing to do.


    To me that elbow wasnt accidental at all, after that he acts like he as if he had nothing to do.

  • Alan Morton

    Punk had every right to do what he did…no one should have touched him….it looked like that guy knocked him in the head

  • cc

    I think the funniest thing about this is the “brave” guy who actually hit Punk did fuck all to defend the guy who got hit because of his actions. He just stood there looking like a shocked prick.
    Yeah, Punk hit the wrong guy, and he has overreacted by going through legal channels as a simple discussion between both parties would be the adult way to go (but hey, America has had the suing culture for years thats now affecting the whole world), but at the end of the day, its about time these morons realised that they have no right laying their hands on the wrestlers. Just like the moron that attacked Eddie, the idiot who attacked Jericho or the twat that punched Orton. If you dont like a guy fair enough, but its entertainment, and they are not there to be attacked by fans.

  • xXx

    the guy behind the guy punk hit flipped the finger before hitting punk, but the guy with the glasses also accidentally elbowed him as well.

  • LighTsouT

    Its the guy in the white behind the victim who purposely pushes punk in the back of the head. I do think the ‘victim’ is overreacting some by pressing charges. He should definitely settle on something with WWE and not involve the police, who will definitely be trying to punish punk as a lesson.

  • benjiv1

    Oh shtick your right! Punk hit the wrong guy, I didn’t see the guys hand before!

  • monty

    The three tinmes that punk turned around he saw the victim instead of the guy that actually did it. If I was punk I probably would have done the same thing

  • Lord Barvis

    I went to an ROH Show where Punk jumped the barrier to chase after the guy who was my ride home for hitting him with a PowerAde bottle. Seems Punk has a history of lashing out when provoked.

  • monty

    Actually if you look at the 2nd video it is obvious that the guy behind the victim did it. You can see his hand push punk then he disappears behind the victim

  • benjiv1

    LOL. Punk barely tapped him. He just knocked his hand shoved his face away and the guy lost his balance.

    The guy does elbow punk in the head accidentally. Kind of like when people are moaning around at a concert, people are going to get bumped and shoved. Sometimes you have to give a little push back.

  • DocBrown

    Make him drop the title immediately and then fire his ass!!!!

  • mtlhitman

    Well this is bad news for Punk and free publicity for wwe good or bad publicity is good to be seen on all channel and this might be the end of linda McMahon run at senate so good news for wrestling fans and my source of wrestling says around royal rumble we can expect return from brock,taker,austin,the rock,foley and few wwe legends only good news.

  • The Killswitch

    First two times it was from that shitty brat to the left of the victim, and Punk looked to see who it was both times. Unfortunately the third time the guy with the glasses accidentally elbowed Punk and he finally retaliated.