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Footage of Matt Morgan & Hulk Hogan Beach Store Angle

As noted yesterday, TNA filmed an angle at the opening of Hulk Hogan’s beach store in Clearwater, Florida as Matt Morgan appeared on the scene just as Jeremy Borash was interviewing Hogan.

  • rob

    LOL oh my gosh this is painfully awkward to watch.. i really do root for TNA, some of their wrestlers are some of my favorites, but this is just incredibly tacky.

    Morgan: “I’m gonna take this”
    Hogan: “You can’t take that, you gotta pay for it brother”
    Morgan: “I said i’m going to take it!”
    Random kid in the crowd: “You can’t take that..”
    Hogan: It’s $4.99
    Morgan: “I’m taking it! … MOVE!”

  • J

    …….Tna is awkward

  • a heyman guy

    i like the part at the end…MOVE!! LOL