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Former Champion from WWE talks about backstage fight with The Rock

The Rock

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson was recently interviewed by The Unsanctioned Podcast and during it; Ahmed claimed that he once had a backstage fight with the Rock.

According to the former Champion, once he was in the locker room and The Rock along with Triple H and Shawn Michaels walked in without realizing that he was already inside and started talking:

“What happened was, he was back in the locker room and I was already back there on the other side of the lockers, so, he couldn’t see me. And he walked in there with Triple H and Shawn, and they were all talking and they were making black jokes, and they didn’t know I was there. When Triple H said, ‘Man, we were joking Rocky, we were joking,’ and Rock said, ‘That’s okay, people look at me and think I’m black. I’m not black, man. My [mom] had an affair on my dad with a white man. That’s my dad. The white guy is my dad.'”

Continuing on the topic he revealed he then confronted the Great One and it resulted in them exchanging blows which was broke up by Ron Simmons and Papa Shango

“He was serious as a heart attack. So I stepped from around the locker and said, ‘What you just say?’ He said, ‘Aw, aw, nothing, man, you know just here bulls–tting,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I heard you over there selling that bulls–t, man. What did you say about your dad? You mean to tell me this man bust his ass for us to be in this federation, and you’re denying him?’ Then he got cocky and said, ‘Man, this ain’t none of your business’ Once he said that, we went for blows. After that, Ron Simmons and Papa Shango broke it up.”

While we might never know how true this story is, it’d be interesting to see if the Rock replies to these claims or he chooses to ignore it.


  • CC

    This story has as much truth to it as WWE attendance figures.

  • oppa

    This is an old story Ahmed told years ago. When he first told it, it was Billy Gunn and Road Dogg he said Rocky was talking to. He claimed that around this time, The Rock stopped hanging out with Black wrestlers and was hanging around Shawn and Vince all the time, insinuating that The Rock may have been involved in some g@Y activities. However, it’s fair to note that Mark Henry’s relationship and comments about The Rock would seem to refute these claims.

  • Omar

    That makes Ahmed Johnson an idiot and a sad attention seeker if it is true or false.