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Former Diva Shoots Adult Film, Val Venis Not Returning As A Wrestler

— Former WWE Head of Security Jimmy Noonan announced on his podcast Friday that former WWE Diva Chyna recently shot an adult film for Vivid Entertainment.

— Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis) will not be returning to WWE as a performer. He was on hand for the company’s “Old School” episode of Raw and was trained to be a producer. It was said to be more of tryout to see if he’s adequate enough to be a producer now.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was telling promoters he was going on WWE’s recent tour of Europe. It is unclear whether Venis attended the television tapings, but he worked a show for NWS over the weekend and is once again accepting independent bookings.

See photo of Tyson Kidd when he was overweight ->

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • centerman

    Poor Chyna. Fail is Fail.

  • !?

    Didn’t know people hated Chyna so much lol, I mean she is a former playboy model (if that means anything). I was actually a Chyna fan back in the attitude era.

  • venom

    I was hoping for Trish. lol.

  • wtfbbqsauce

    eww come on, anyone but chyna damn it 🙁

  • me

    ew, shes horribly unattractive, what idiot would pay her to have sax on film.

  • Vampirekiller

    @NNLA, WWE is PG they wouldnt have let him use that gimmick. I wouldnt be surprised if they were mad because Mae Young said slut and bitches

  • Eric Nixon

    sigh… I was really hoping it was Maria, or Torrie Wilson, or Stacy Keibler, or Sable, or Sunny… ANYONE but Chyna.

  • nnla

    should have been Mark Henry and his sexual chocolate gimmick and Val Venis and his porn star type gimmick.. would have been priceless

  • Jeff

    Why was he not on Raw. They could’ve used his gimmick in the RTC lol

  • Tom… just Tom

    Geez I was thinking maybe someone like en ex-Godfather ho or something like that. I didn’t see her first one. Why would I watch this one??

  • jay

    lol cant even say $ex on here

  • jay

    @misfit im more shocket that they got someone other then waltman to have sex with that trainwreck

  • misfit

    Anyone shocked that train wreck, really made another porn?

  • nin

    All I got to say is…GROSS. who wants to watch that

  • SusyRko

    At first I was excited when I read the adult thing then I read chyna ughh I was thinking Santina Marella or someone better