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Former RAW Guest Host Coming to WrestleMania

– Rick Morris, host of The FDH Lounge on, confirmed on Twitter this morning that Bob Barker of Price is Right fame will be at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia this year.

Barker hosted RAW back in December of 2009 and was one of the most well-received hosts WWE had. Barker won a Slammy Award for Best RAW Host.

Source: PWInsider

  • Lol. It would be halaroius to see Bob Barker participate in WM27. That man is halarious.

  • Buttercastle

    Maybe you people are reading too much into things. You ever stop to think that perhaps he will be attending in the crowd, not part of the show?

    Oh and CC, try not to be so patriotic because Price is Right doesn’t only play in USA. If they are actually having Justin Bieber he is Canadian (not that abyone here is proud of that).

  • shawn

    this idea is probably not the only special attraction for Wrestlemania. they need an old and very popular wrestler like Macho to attend after being inducted to hof (doubling the pleasure because of hbk’s). and i think any wrestler coming back should have a match like y2j and\or trips.

  • Mabry

    Didnt Bob Barker kick the cr*p outta Happy Gilmore????…. he should do that to Micheal Cole at WM….

  • scooter

    I’d take barker over the jonas brothers or miley cyrus any day unless miley’s still dressing and acting like a slut on stage in which case I’ll take miley

  • Eric Nixon

    “Let’s see… who does the PG-era kiddie-Cena fan audience want to see at WrestleMania?”

    “The Jonas Brothers?”

    “No, I don’t think so.”

    “Miley Cyrus?”

    “I doubt it… I got it!!!! BRING ME BOB BARKER!!!”

  • CC

    How exciting. Somebody that nobody outside the USA even gives a damn about. WWE needs to learn the difference between people who are nationally and internationally famous.
    They want to promote themselves as being the biggest fed in the world, yet often still cant see past their own borders.