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  • HBK

    Yeah we will see, what happens in the future I could totally see Lesnar going over Goldberg this time around. I would love to see a heel Goldberg run where he’s just this bad ass dude whooping on everyone hahah let’s hope wwe books him right if he decides to lace up the boots one more time…….. also cena vs Goldberg would be good, his return would be great and could definitely have some good fueds……… taker vs Goldberg at mania???

  • D2K

    Yeah it was. Both guys were in a bad mind-set at the time. The purposefully put on a stinker just to stick it to WWE. I’m not sure about Brock, but Bill said he regretted doing that. Goldberg is the only legit guy out there people could see going over Lesnar “clean” since he already did before. However I’m not so dilapidated to think that Goldberg would go over Lesnar if that match ever happened. I’m sure since Lesnar jobbed to him he wouldn’t mind jobbing to Lesnar, but Brock doesn’t need the rub.

    I think with the McMahon’s fixation of burying WCW to quench their insecurities wold book Lesnar to go over Goldberg.

  • D2K

    First of all, The Warrior COULD NOT wrestle even if he wanted to so that made no sense to bring up.

    Secondly, Where did I say he would wrestle? I said that most likely WWE has something planned with him in the future. That could be WWE HOF next year as such followed with the Warrior appearing in the game. That could be more DVDs or WWE Network specials with Goldberg. There is plenty of stuff he can do besides wrestle.

    Thirdly, the Warrior did not just come back for the game. He came back to get closure with everyone he had beef with, to do the HOF, and to do future WWE DVD and specials to get financial kickbacks for which his widow and daughters now have.

    Lastly since YOU brought it up not I in regards to him actually wrestling, Goldberg said himself that if the right situation presented itself for the right money he would come back. He wants his son to see him in the big time at least once before he retires for good. Goldberg has always left to door open to come back, but it had to make sense. To get a HOF induction, to get royalties from the game, merchandising, etc, and to wrestle one last match at Wrestlemania (possibly) to get the payday, to let his son see him in a major Wrestlemania match live, that makes pretty good sense to me. It’s not like he’s the only one who has done this.

    Shane McMahon said one of the contributing factors for him getting back into the ring was for his boys to see him in action live. Who is to say that with so many superstars being injured/retired that WWE hasn’t been in conversation with Goldberg to come back for some time? Seems like everything is falling into place.

    To reiterate my initial statement, it is highly unlikely that WWE would put that much money into production of announcing Goldberg as a playable character on a video game if they didn’t have future plans. Time will tell what they are, but you’d have to be pretty dense to ignore all the facts I brought up PLUS the fact that when Goldberg looked out the window you saw the reflection of a sign that said ‘Suplex City’ and think that a match is not at least plausible if not probable.

  • pitfallharry219

    Yeah, it was totally different from all the other technical masterpieces Goldberg has wrestled.

  • HBK

    Hmmmm intresting if he shows in July maybe he will attack Lesnar and set up a sumer slam between the 2… cause at wm20 that was pure garbage lol.

  • pitfallharry219

    Warrior came back after all his time away just to do a spot for the game.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean Goldberg will wrestle again.

  • Chad Boswell

    Every few years, throw Goldberg in the game strategy.

  • D2K

    Someone pointed this out on a Youtube trailer, but in an extended cut of the video while he is in police car you see Goldberg looking out the window and in the reflection it says “Suplex City”………….


  • HBK

    I bet he shows up during the draft in july. And attacks either cena or reigns

  • Ray Myer

    Something is gonna happen. Da Man is comin’ back around! I don’t play the games but I worshipped him as a kid right along Stone Cold.

  • D2K


    It seems unlikely that WWE would go through so much trouble and Goldberg would agree to do this video short if there isn’t something planned with Goldberg sometime in the future.