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– During an interview on Right After Wrestling yesterday night, former WWE wrestler Jimmy Yang took credit for bringing the “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus to World Wrestling Entertainment, saying, “I’m the one who got Sheamus his job.”

“I picked him out in Milan, Italy and said, ‘I’m gonna test this guy out’ and look at him now, he’s done great. I saw the workouts earlier and they told me that I could work with anyone I wanted. It came down to him and another German guy. I went to both guys and I asked, ‘Who does Italy hate the most, Germans or Irishmen?’ They both told me Irishmen, so I ended up picking Sheamus to work that night. The rest is history.”

  • Toadie

    Wang was a main-eventer? Because thats where Sheamus looks to be… I obviously missed that whole weekend…

  • venom

    And Sheamus took Wang’s job.

  • keylo

    Yeah the greasers hate us so much they run out of their country to open up chippers/fast food shops every where in Ireland, yang shut up u dumb clown.

  • zach

    yeah right, jimmy yang wrestled him in a dark match in Italy on April 20, 2007 when SmackDown was touring there. He happen to beat him and now he wants to claim credit for his high success. Yang cannot chose who he gets to wrestle. Neithier contracted wwe wrestlers or indy guys. Its all the bookers. So he comes comes up with this bullshit backup story to get his name back in the wrestling news…. lmao

  • Rene Levesque

    Sort of how we hate you yankee f uckers, huh sroeballs?

  • Davey Zoo

    Yeah, i’ve never heard that either and surely the German guy would of said they hated Germany more so he could get a match.

  • ac2010

    why does italians hate d irish, i’ve never heard dat and iam irish, is it cos we beat them in d 94 world cup

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