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Former WWE Star Upset At Umaga Memorial Photos Being Posted Online

– TMZ recently posted a collection of photos from a gathering recently held in honor of the late Eddie “Umaga” Fatu and former WWE star Shelton Banjamin is not pleased.

“You know it’s a real damn shame when you allow someone into your home as a friend and they turn out to be a snake in the grass,” Benjamin wrote on his Twitter page.

“Ekkie’s memorial was both personal and private and not for public display, so it really pisses me off to see a trust betrayed. But I will root out this piece of shit who did this.”

  • your mom

    what’s Shelton going to do? bore him to death with his lame ass promos?

  • CC

    Because it was a private affair and nothing to do with the public.
    Just because Umaga was famous, does not give people the right to invade the privacy of his family and friends.
    Nobody says the public does not have the right to remember him, but the public has no right to have access to private times like these.

  • Robinson

    I dont see the problem. there’s umaga fans out there why does it matter if his fans get to see his memorial and join in on remembering the guy?!

  • Matt

    Shelton Banjamin?

    proof reading people.

  • Gary

    Real sad, they get on the jackson family for “benefiting” from his death but now TMZ posts these pictures…very sad