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Former WWE and WCW Star Says a Current WWE Diva Is a “Pain” to Work With

– Former WWE and WCW star Konnan was tweeted a photoshopped photo of Layla, Summer Rae and former WCW star Disco Inferno, who is one of his co-hosts at MLW Radio. Konnan responded to that photoshopped image with the following:

“The young witch and the pain in the ass..#BOOM.”

Konnan told another fan that Layla is the pain in the ass he was referring to and told them to “just ask around especially the trainers.”

Konnan said to another fan that he wasn’t “hatin” on Layla and that he would go into more detail on his podcast.

Another fan asked Konnan what his beef with Layla is. He responded:

“@IAmGlitterati i don’t have a beef,im stating what i was told by my boys in WWE, she’s a pain in da ass 2 work u listen 2 my podcast”

  • oppa

    A woman being a pain back stage probably means she’s not sleeping around with everyone like they want her to.

  • Will Henderson

    let me guess, the wrestling news sites pick up on a joking remark Konnan make and twisted his words to make it feel like he really hates her. typical wrestling news sites.

  • Keith Learmonth

    As soon as I saw the name Konnan, I stopped reading. The guy tries to stir up more dirt-sheets than anyone. Not even Matt Hardy at his most mental used to spout as many lies.