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- Former WWE writer Dave Lagana has written about Sting joining WWE on his IWantWrestling.com blog and reveals Sting almost debuted at WrestleMania years ago. Here’s what he wrote:

“Sting at Wrestlemania almost happened nine years ago. Wrestlemania 18 will always be remembered for the memorable Hogan vs. Rock battle in Toronto. That event also featured Triple H winning the undisputed World Title from Chris Jericho and Steve Austin facing NWO Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash). Sting was approached that year to make his WWE debut and wrestle on the big event. Once he was introduced to the brand, it was pitched that at Wrestlemania 18 Sting would face Kurt Angle. If you remember, Kurt was eventually thrown into a match with Kane with little setup. The deal apparently fell apart as Sting wasn’t willing to work the full WWE schedule. Now nine years later, we might finally get to see Sting in WWE.

I’m the biggest proponent of pushing new talent in high profile positions. I see Wade Barrett as one of the shining stars of WWE in 2010. The table is set very nicely for new talents to be featured in main events of Wrestlemania this year with Alberto Del Rio and Miz. But what is lacking that “big fight dream match” to attracts casual fans. Last year we had Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart and Undertaker vs. HBK “Streak vs. Career”; previous years featured Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show, and Trump vs. McMahon. Based on the buzz off this simple 45-second video, the fans are voicing their opinion on what they want out of Wrestlemania 27. I don’t have any answers but we will all find out on 2/21/11. Ask yourself – is Sting vs. Undertaker the dream match you want for this year’s Wrestlemania?”

  • Ryan

    Maybe they could set it with Sting an Undertaker as a alliance of some kind and then things go and sets up wm27 match. I’m not sayin bu i’m sayin!!!!

  • Buttercastle

    @jay Considering half the audience (probably more) are too young too even know who Sting is I doubt it. But hey who knows.

  • jay

    Between now and that night i wonder if the fans will start chanting we want sting. As much as i want this to happen just got the feeling it wont

  • http://[email protected] mj


  • mark

    I really dont care anymore, just wait until the date comes round and you will all find out

  • TomC

    STING used to do the rafters thing when he was in WCW in the arenas too – though I don’t recall if he ever came flying down on wires.

    They would likely have a double up in the rafters, with Sting under the ring until the lights go out – aka, “the usual.”

  • Justin

    I wonder how they’ll deal with the rafters thing. It probably won’t happen because of the Over the Edge incident with Owen Hart, may he RIP, but the image of Sting coming down from the top into the ring and pointing his bat at Taker would be so awesome.

  • Taylor

    @ RAMSES 2

    ya but at the time Sting had just had surgery on his shoulder so he couldnt do much. any other time ive seen him wrestle he moved around good for his age. But he had to milk alot of matches cuz of his shoulder injury.


    id love for it to be sting, but i honestly cant see it being him.

    if it is though id love for the next promo to show the black coated man digging round the back of that house in the promo video, as if someone is digging up the undertaker. or something along those lines.

    maybe even the boots and cloak like they already are then a black baseball bat slowly sliding into to the shot alongside the boots, as if the ‘person’ carrying it is letting it slowly slip out of his hand. (this would probably give the game away though).

    on the 21st, undertaker makes his return, in the middle of a corre or nexus in ring promo, lights out, undertaker appears, attacks a few guys, boom, lights out again, when they come back on sting is in the middle of the ring instead, bat in hand, cleans house, lights out for a 3rd time, both sting and taker now in the ring.

    (this is how i would love it to play out, man i could write wwe shows for fun)

    sets up sting and taker vs corre or nexus at mania.

  • biff

    There are to many unknowns and variables to say if it is Sting or the Undertaker, you may also consider a few other things, Kongs debut? or there was talk of Bill Goldberg returning in time for wrestlemania, and what about Randy Savage, he seems to have made his peace with Vince (not for a moment I think it could possibly be him though) or the return of HHH, or maybe Jerico who stated this week he was 90% signed, perhaps it could even be the GM making himself known, but what ever happens, I will be watching. The video that WWE ran has created exactly what the WWE wanted it to do, wild speculation and to keep everyone guessing, and I bet the veiwing figures that night break records

  • RAMSES 2

    come on did you see Sting vs rvd 6 moths ago!!!! this guy could even wrestle a 6 minuts match!!! Don t det me wrong I will love to see sting at wwe but a see more sting wrestling jerry lawler or vince or if HBK was still around they would tear the house down and still the show. but HBK is retire and STING is going to be 52 by the time of mania!!!

  • CM Mark

    Stng vs Taker? Well unless you want to see Sting LOSE in his first WWE appearance. Then I vote no.

  • Dan

    If sting comes to wwe for taker vs sting at wm I can see him losing fr the pure reason that he will probably get to retire taker later that year or the next mania… That wil be the deal that gets sting to wwe followed by Lot of money and or hall of fame, or vise versa … Sting wants to go out with a bang who better than the undertaker … A true legendary moment and those are hard to come by nowadays for wwe
    I think you’ll all agree in this ;)

  • Dave

    I would’ve just put Booker into the proposed feud with Sheamus and then had HHH wrestle Sting at Mania.

  • Dave

    I personally would love to see Sting vs Taker at Mania, but I just don’t see Sting agreeing to come to the WWE just to job to Taker at Mania. Pretty sure that’s not happening. Especially with Taker wanting to feud with Barrett, and not having much else for Barrett at this point. If Sting does come back, I think he feuds with someone else.

  • killem all

    it would be dum 4 them to let taker lose to sting let it be the rock or austin some1 who has been in the wwe

  • CC

    One of the reasons I dont see Sting beating Taker at WM (if he has signed) is that Taker and Sting are sort of considered opposite sides of the same coin.
    While WWE has had the likes of The Rock, Austin, HBK and Hogan as its biggest stars, Take is seen as the heart and soul of WWE. THE WWE guy if you will.
    This was the same position Sting held in WCW.
    While they had their guys like Flair, Goldberg and Booker, Sting was WCW.

    While I would love to see a Taker vs Sting match (they are two of my fave wrestlers ever), I really would not want the streak to be lost to Sting. I’ve said it time and time again, the streak needs to either go to a young guy who is on the up (not someone like Cena or Orton either, as they dont need the rub) or needs to remain unbroken when he retires.

    Established talent should not even be considered when it comes to breaking the streak.

  • Crapmail

    NO WAY VKM is going to let Taker lose to Sting, whose hasn’t worked a day in a WWE ring. That’s just means that some guy can just come in and beat the biggest star that WWE has ever had and at Wrestlemania for his undefeated streak at that… never gonna happen.
    But taker beating Sting… i can see that happen.
    Oh please let it be Sting vs Taker at Mania…

    The way i see it at 2/21/11 the clip is show again everyone wonders who it is going to be and bam the undertaker comes out. He maybe speaks about Nexus for a sec, but then the lights go out and we see Sting watching from the upper rows, making his way to the ring.
    Oh please!!!!

  • Vinny

    something big is happening here. This whole 2/21/11 is getting more publicity than all of TNA’s talent combined LOL.

    Anyway, I’m not going to speculate any longer. We’ll find out on 2/21/11 what is happening. I see The Undertaker making his return that night. And while the fans at that time would think the video meant Taker, out of nowhere Sting will appear. Now, wether Sting works a program with Undertaker is questionable. But who knows what WWE will do from now ’til WrestleMania 27?

  • Evil Doink

    @ Thumper – LOL!

    I see Sting beating Taker if Taker retires. Both of these guys are in the twilight of their career, and although I see Taker passing the torch to a younger talent, I also see him going out to another credible legend.


    undertaker cant have fast paced matches anymore lol.

    and they aint gonna have a hell in a cell at extreme rules, they would have it at hell in a cell ppv

  • TomC

    Unless Taker is READY to retire, I simply do not see Sting v Taker at WM. The Taker’s “streak” has been the focus of the last several WM … and with Taker’s longevity/loyalty and clout with WWE, it is DOUBTFUL that they would have the streak end before Taker hits 20-0 – even for Sting.

    Of course, crazy things have been known to happen – but I simply do not see it.

    I actually would LOVE to see Sting v HHH, or Sting v Cena – since it hasn’t been seen before. (as opposed to a Sting v Nash, or Sting v Show (aka “The Giant”). Would have loved to have seen Sting v HBK, but that’s not gonna happen.

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