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Forrest Griffin And Tito Ortiz Twitter Trash-Talk

After a some back and forth between both men on their twitter accounts, some are questioning whether a third bout is on the horizon for both Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz.

Their recent twitter trash talk went as follows on the personal Twitter accounts:

Forrest Griffin tweets: “I am the new tito, bitch about injuries after everyfight win or lose, hold guys down a much as possible, never finish a fight.checkallboxs”

Tito Ortiz tweets: “hey go f*ck yourself! run forest run like a bitch! never defended a world title!, been KTFO!, runs out the cage like a bitch! Check all the above!”

  • Jeremy

    Tito is injured AGAIN so nog is fighting Phil Davis

  • oxslangshoot

    tito got whooped last time :D, i can smell another retard bashing, i hope tito gets his head kicked in repeatedly

  • Jesse

    gayshad evans was lucky against liddell.liddell would have koed that choch in the first round if chuck was in his prime. both tito and gayshad make their living from wrestling most of their opponents down and laying on top of them for a 3 round snoozefest.


    why should forest be in the heavyweight division?

    and tito has made a name for himself bitching about other people, so its about time the fucker had some come his way.

    best he stick to smacking about that hanging bint hes with than getting in the octagon again.

    @ mixe oxafloppin.

    rampage had liddells number but liddell did beat wanderlei silva after he that. id say it was rashad evans who put the finishing touches to his career.

  • John

    WTF did Tito do. Forrest wanted to start shit, so if anything fuck Forest. Forest shouldnt even be a light heavyweight, he should be in the heavyweight division

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @ Rusty very true.

    Ortiz is gonna be retired after Little Nog beats his ass.

    And personally Chuck was “The Great White Hype” who’s career ended after the Rampage no matter how long he stuck around after that.


    ha. who did tito ever defend his belt against? pah. he was fighting bums while chuck liddell was taking out the top guys. then he wouldnt fight chuck.

    hes going to be sorry when noguiera ends his ufc contract.