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Full Report from the WrestleMania 29 Post-Show

– The WrestleMania 29 post-show opens with Jim Ross, Kofi Kingston and Scott Stanford talking about the matches. We see Renee Young interviewing Big Show. He says he didn’t turn on Randy Orton and Sheamus, they turned on him.

Show says he tried this route and wants no part of it. He says nobody will take his thunder anymore. The only thing important to him now is himself.

– JR predicts Big Show will be extremely dangerous in the coming weeks. Dusty Rhodes talks about Ryback vs. Mark Henry. They talk about how impressive the Shellshocked to Henry was.

– Tony Dawson talks with Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho admits losing to Fandango was one of the greatest upsets in WrestleMania history. Jericho wonders how Fandango will capitalize off his big win.

– They talk about Undertaker vs. CM Punk. Ross says it was the best match of the night and a match of the year candidate. Kofi agrees.

– They talk about Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger next. Zeb Colter speaks backstage and says they were sabotaged. He says they’re not done with Del Rio and have a score to settle.

– We see Triple H backstage getting x-rays on his hand. The hosts talk about the HHH vs. Brock Lesnar match now. They close it by talking about John Cena vs. The Rock and how it could have went either way. We see still photos from the night and that’s it from MetLife Stadium.

  • D2K

    For as bad as WWE programming has been and will continue to be, this was pretty good. I was the one that said going in this could be as bad or worse than Wrestlemania XI. It was definitely more entertaining than that.

    They put on a good show. You have to give credit where it is due. The Punk/Taker match delivered. The Triple H/Lesnar match delivered. Rock/Cena 2 was lame of course as usual but the proper ending took place with Cena going over The Rock.

    Even though Fandango couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper=bag, the match with Jericho was entertaining (because Jericho carried the entire match.) The World title match actually got some decent-billing on the card for a change. The team Hell-Naw vs. ‘Mr. Perfect’ Billy Gunn/Ahmed Lashley match was good. I think the only match was was terrible was the Ryback/Henry match. But at least Henry went over.

    And most important of all, NO DIVAS MATCH!!!!!!

    It was okay. Nothing to shout about, but it was okay. The crowd was into it. I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

  • I agree with Kris! It lacked storyline! It just kept going and going and no time to breath! They had all 3 big matches back to back to back! They gave Chris Jerhico and Fandango wayyyyy to much time! Idc if Chris is a respected guy for a longer match! Fandango isn’t! Everyone at least botched once in every match! REALLY?!?!? V

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I have to disagree. This was another huge let down on WWE part. There’s no more epic WM’s. there was no twist or turns that made me feel it was worth it.

  • D2K

    I was impressed. The show was a lot better than last year, and better than I thought it would be. I think the crowd actually ‘caring’ about what was going on helped a lot.