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Full Results from UFC 106: Ortiz vs. Griffin II

UFC 106: Ortiz vs. Griffin 2
November 21st, 2009
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Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
-Forrest Griffin defeats Tito Ortiz by split decision
-Josh Koscheck def. Anthony Johnson by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:42, R2
-Paulo Thiago def. Jacob Volkmann by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Luis Cane by TKO (Strikes) at 1:56, R1
-Amir Sadollah def. Phil Baroni by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Preliminary Bouts (On Spike TV):
-Ben Saunders def. Marcus Davis by KO (Knee) at 3:24, R1
-Kendall Grove def. Jake Rosholt by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:59, R1

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Brian Foster def. Brock Larson by TKO (Strikes) at 3:25, R2
-Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes ruled Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)
-George Sotiropoulos def. ason Dent by Submission (Armbar) at 4:36, R1


-Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz

R1- Josh Rosenthal calls the action. They touch gloves and we’re off. Tito engages first with a combination, but it’s Forrest’s return that scores points. Forrest counters a punch with a leg kick. Tito goes high but misses. Tito scores with a right hand. Forrest returns with a slightly low kick, then Tito repays him with the same. Tito scores with a straight right. Tito shoots from the open and gets an easy takedown. Like three years never passed, Tito is on top with elbows and punches to the body. Forrest goes for a kiumura and pulls Tito off him, forcing Ortiz to shoot again for a takedown. Again, Forrest threatens with a kimura, but gives it up and the two are locked against the fence. From the over-under the two trade knees. Tito attempts a wizard then throws Forrest off. Forrest scores with one-two. Forrest with a leg kick. Forrest scores with a combination. Tito jats a heavy jab, then a follow up one-two. Tito shoots but gets only leg. Griffin gives him a leg kick for his trouble, then a jab. Tito with a high kick that’s mostly blocked. Forrest with a front kick. The two clash but nothing doing. They clinch and move to the cage. Tito slaps at Forrest’s ears as the round comes to an end.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Griffin.

R2- They clash and trade punches. Forrest stumbles off a combination. He throws a leg kick and gets planted on the mat, where right elbows start coming fast. The Tito of old. However, Griffin is controlling Ortiz’s hand better and is tying up the action, using his legs to control Tito’s posture. And slowly but surely, Griffin works his way back to his feet, prompting screams from the audience. Griffin lands a counter fight hand. Griffin attempts superman prompting a failed shot. Griffin with a front kick that sends Ortiz’s mouthpiece flying. Short stoppage to clean out mouthpiece. Griffin tees off with a combination of punches. Ortiz shoots in and gets the takedown. Griffin tries to buck him off with his legs, but Ortiz comes to rest in half guard. Ortiz having far more difficultly posturing up for elbows, and the ones he lands don’t have a lot of steam on them. Ortiz with a nice left elbow from guard. Griffin’s right eye is cut. Ortiz smells guar, but Griffin sweeps him to the screams of the audience. In an instant, Ortiz is eating short grinding left elbows and punches as the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Ortiz.

R3- They trade but nothing lands clean for either. Griffin attempting to work his combos. He makes Tito eat a right hand, then attacks the legs. Tito with a jab. Tito blocks a high kick. Forrrest with a one-two. Tito with a jab. Griffin lands a punch of a combination. Right hand from Griffin cracks Tito, then nice right hand and leg kick. Tito’s pace has slowed measurably. Griffin leg kicks and Tito goes for the shot, but this time, Griffin is ready and stuffs it. In the open, Griffin is putting together combinations and scoring far more frequently, particularly with leg kicks. Griffin with a nice body shot. Griffin gets through Tito’s defense with several hooks. A Griffin right hand rocks Tito. Ortiz is taking the shots, but he’s offering little offense in counter to Griffin. Straight right down the pipe for Griffin. Battling practice for the TUF winner. Ortiz offers a feeble shot, but he’s running on empty. He appears to be just trying to make it to the bell. Griffin’s combinations are finding their way through. Griffin and Ortiz swing away one last time as the bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 Griffin.

One judge gives Tito the fight with a 29-28 margin, while two judges give Griffin the fight with 30-27, 29-28.

-Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson

R1- Yamasaki calls the action. Johnson with a legkick, Kos repays. Kos puches in, and a shot lands, with Johnson checking himself like something strange happened. Kos follows with a leg kick. Johnson with a leg kick. Johnson with a high kick that gets blocked. Kos wings a right hand. Kos gets off a right hand counter in an exchange, but Johnson tags him with a serious jab. Then another jab for Johnson. Johnson with an inside leg kick. Kos with a jab. Johnson with a hard inside leg kick. Johnson hits Kos with a big right hand, but misses with a high kick. Johnson backs him into the cage but can’t land the kill shot. Kos goes for takedown and lift-slam, but Johnson is too heavy. Action stalls with Kos in front headlock position. Johnson throws an illegal knee as he stands. Koscheck’s face registers shock, then he drops to his back. Kos is clutching his eye and wobbling. Upon replay, it looks distinctly like the knee bounced off his forearm. The cageside doctor checks Koscheck out. A point is taken from Johnson. The doctor and Yamasaki are having a conversation. The bout is going to go on. Kos comes in with two hooks. Johnson with left high kick that gets blocked. Kos catches Johnson with a glancing right hand. Joson repays with a leg kick. Kos shoots for a takedown but the cage stops it. Kos wrestles Johnson to the mat and gets his back in the scramble, but Johnson has hand control. Kos trying to put his hooks in. Kos with a nice knee to the body. Kos sits back and almost sinks in the choke, but Johnson scrambles and nearly takes Kos down as the bell rings.

MMAWeekly scores the round 9-9.

R2- Johnson with a jab. Another jab. He mixes it up with a leg kick. Johnson catches a finger to the eye as he closes distance, but the action is restarted quickly. Kos misses with big right hand, and catches Johnson with a kick to the body. Kos scores with another combination that has Johnson rocked, but again, a punch grazes his eye, and the action is stopped. No deduction has been taken. Upon restart, Johnson and Kos get into a fireight, with Johbson landeing two glancing blows before Kos ducks under and takes him down. Kos postures up and lands an elbow from up top. He’s working short grinding elbows, and scoring. Johnson can’t seem to get Koscheck off him. Kos landing more right elbows. Johnson trying to tie the action up. Johnson turns to his side and Kos angles for mount. Johnson has almost given up his back. Koscheck gets his arm under Johnson’s neck and cinches in choke, forcing Johnson to tap out at 4:42.

-Paulo Thiago vs. Jacob Volkmann

R1- Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls the action. Soutpaw Volkmann charges in with combo, but is rebuffed. Thiago stalking in with his right hand cocked. Thiago goes high with a kick, but gets hand. Thiago and Volkmann exchange short punches in a tie-up before clinching against the cage. Volkmann works punches and knees. In a flash, Thiago has him down in side guard. Volkmann works his way back up and reverses against the cage, holding a wizard in place. Thiago gets a trip takedown and quickly gets mount, prompting a scramble from Volkmann to scoot his back up against the cage. Thiago working to flatten the Minnesota MMA pupil, but ends up in guard. Thiago stands out of it after guard opens. Thiago lands a leg kick and narrowly avoids getting taken down before coming to rest in clinch against the cage. They trade knees before Volkmann breaks off. Thiago rocks Voklman with a hook and uppercut and lands another combination at the bell that drops Volkmann. When he stands, he’s not in good shape. Doctors are checking on him.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Thiago.

R2- There’s a sense that it’s a matter of time for Volkmann when the two are standing. Whenever they exchange, Thiago’s punches land hard and rock Volkmann. But he isn’t out of it yet: he manages to take Thiago down and works his punches at Thiago’s back as Thiago tries to right himself. Thiago escapes eventually, and they’re back in the clinch. They trade knees. Mazzagatti calls for action. Thiago lands a nice knee in the clinch. Volkmann breaks off and lands a kick to the body that has Thiago shooting. Volkmann sprawls and takes Thiago’s back, before briefly getting mount. The two roll end over end until Thiago pulls out and stands over, coming down with a big punch. Volkmann works to tie Thiago’s hands up. Thiago stands overhead when the guard opens and comes down with another big punch, but it merely glances. He works from side guard as round comes to an end.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Thiago.

R3- Volkmann gets tagged with a right. The two trade punches careening across the cage and Volkmann gets the worse of it, catching a punch that sends him to the mat. Thiago follows him down and seizes upon a head and arm choke before Volkmann reverses and forces the Brazilian to drive for a takedown. No dice though, the two stalemate again and return to their feet. Volkmann shoots from the open and misses miserably. Thiago stands overhead and walks straight into a takedown as he lurches forward. One thing seems clear: Thiago is exhausted and can’t finish Volkmann, who wrestles out of bad positions over and over again. This time, he locks Thiago in a crucifix and rains down punishment. Thiago escapes and Volkmann takes his back. He can’t hold the position, the two grapple fruitlessly for position. Somehow, Volkmann cinches a D’Arce choke in transition. It looks bad for the Brazilian, but he muscles his way out and gets side control, where he lands a few elbows until the bell rings.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Volkmann.

Judges score the bout 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for Paulo Thiago

-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Luis Cane

R1- Steve Mazzagatti calls the action. Th southpaws meet in the center of the cage. Cane slowly inching in. Cane with a leg kick. Then another. Short right lands for Lil Nog. Lil Nog with an inside leg kick. Cane cutting off the cage, scores with left hand. Lil Nog counters with left hand and one-two. Lil Nog with a stiff jab. Lil Nog’s next one two rocks Cane. Cane runs away on wobbly legs. Lil’ Nog pursues, pouring the punches on, one combination after the other, as Cane desperately tries to re-set. Lil’ Nog sets up for a plumb but misses and follows with a left that drops Cane solidly, prompting Mazzagatti to step in at 1:56.

Phil Baroni vs. Amir Sadollah

R1- Yves Lavigne calls the action. Baroni comes straight in and brutalizes Amir’s torso with body shots as Amir attempts to lock in a plumb and fire back with knees. The two lock up against the cage, where Baroni catches Amir with a couple of uppercuts while fighting off knees coming straight up the pipe. Amir with nice leg kick. Amir with a nice jab, but catches a punch for his effort. Another plumb and knees from the clinch. Baroni does likewise and lands a knee and punch in close. Action as stalled. Frenzied first exchange; the two might hve blown their wads early. A battle in the plumb. Baroni really working hard to negate Amir’s clinch with punches, but the knees he’s taking are taking the wind right out of him. He grabs a takedown and stands over Amir at the cage’s edge, firing down punches. Amir wall walks for an armbar, but Baroni keep his hips square and stands out of it. He stands over and lets Amir gets up, then tries to punch the TUF winner into oblivion. Amir looks to have the better cardio though, and is persistent with his knees. Amir locks in a clinch and lands a glancing punch before hinting at a takedown. Amir lands a couple of knees from the plumb against the cage, prompting Baroni to grab a leg. The NYBA can’t finish the takedown against the cage and eats more knees inside the clinch to end the round.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Amir Sadollah

R2- Baroni counters leg kick with punch. Amir chases Baroni bakwards with punches and kicks, but Baroni slips a nice punch in. Baroni hits Amir with a hook and the two tie up. More shots land inside for Baroni. Amir with a nice front kick. The two clinch against the cage again. This fight is going to come down to cardio, and it appears Amir has the better. Baroni counters another kick with a body shot, but the two are wrapped up again. Braoni’s face is bleeding badly. Amir is throwing nasty elbows from the clinch that have sliced Baroni up. Baroni scores a few shots as Amir breaks off, but he stays stagnant, inviting Amir to come in with a flurry of punches and knees. Amir is having batting practice on Baroni’s face and body, and Baroni is waiting for that big shot. Baroni breaks off finally, but can’t score. Amir leaps after him with a flying knee to the body and the two are locked in the clinch again. More knees; this is a war of attrition. Amir with a huge left elbow inside the clinch. Both men are bloodied and swinging for the fences. Amir’s leg kicks are met with punches, but they’re glancing, and they’re not deterring him. Nor are the punches that come from Baroni in the clinch.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Amir Sadollah

R3- Amir leads with leg kick. Baroni is trying to time his punches accordingly, but he’s eating kicks in the process. A huge punch lands for Baroni, but Amir just keeps coming. The two eat punches simulataously. Baroni is swinging wildly and taking well timed shots to the legs. Both men have sustained a tremendous amount of punishment. Amir with a Superman punch. Amir lands a punch-kick-elbow combination but gets a smile from Baroni. The two wrestle in the clinch and exchange knees. It’s the same story: leg kicks from Amir met by glancing punches from Baroni. Amir going to town with front kicks and swinging, chopping leg kicks. Baroni just keeps coming though: he’s taken so many punches, but he’s not stopping. A punch has opened a river of blood on Baroni’s forehead. Amir is moving in for the kill, punches and elbows and knees are coing fast and furious, but somehow, Baroni is still standing upright. A head kick lands for Amir. Baroni is still swinging back. Amir trying to take off Baroni’s head with kicks, then coming in with slicing elbows. What’s keeping the NYBA up is hard to imagine. He will not quit, even after taking kick after kick after kick after elbow until the bell rings. He is the Jake LaMotta of MMA.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Amir Sadollah

Judges score the bout 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Sadollah.

Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis

R1- Josh Rosenthal calls the action. Two southpaws…Saunders leads with a high kick and Davis misses a jab in counter. Davis closes and gets tied in a plumb, but Davis presses them into the cage and the two work knees. Davis breaks off and returns with punches. Again, it’s Ben’s knees versus Davis’ punches, and Davis is the one grabbing for a leg and a trip takedown. Saunders takes potshots at the knees. Davis tries to keep a body lock and muscle Saunders down, but it looks like Saunders has the strength advantage in the clinch. Davis breaks off and takes several knees in a subsequent clinch. Davis with a leg kick. A Davis combo is derailed by Saunders’ jab, and Davis’ counter is met with a clinch against the cage. Saunders again working the plumb, but segues to a pummel and then breaks off. Saunders jab is giving Daivis a lot of trouble. Saunders locks in the plumb again and lands a knee that puts Davis out cold, the first time in his MMA career that he’s been out cold. A few more punches are an afterthought as Rosenthal waves off the bout at 3:24 of the first.

-Kendall Grove vs. Jake Rosholt

R1- Yamasaki calls the action. Grove paws in with jabs, and Rosholt does likewise. Rosholt jabs in and goes for a double slamming Kendall on the mat. He drags Kendall around the mat at his back and slams him down again when he attempts to right himself. Grove looking to control Rosholt’s arms, but with Rosholt hanging over him, it’s like the wrestler is hanging off him. Grove escapes and clinches up with Rosholt before landing his own takedown. Grove hoists himself up and throw an elbow. Rosholt has little trouble getting back to his feet, where he lands a left hook and what looks like an illegal knee downstairs before grabbing a takedown in the subsequent scramble. Rosholt works from half guard and passes to mount. Grove gives up his back and Rosholt transitions to an arm triangle choke….but Grove still has his legs around Rosholt’s torso and fakes an armbar before transitioning to a triangle choke that has Rosholt tapping quick. Great reversal and key win for Grove. The official time is 3:59.

Brian Foster vs. Brock Larson

R1- Yves Lavigne calls the action. Southpaw Larson keeps a low stance as both men circle around each other. Larson lands the first punch as the two rumble around the cage in a semi-clinch, but he takes a shot against the cage. In the next collision, Brock goes for a guillotine, then catches a leg. Foster catches him with a good punch from there, but Larson hoists him up and slams him anyways. Foster scrambles forward, but Larson stays at his back as the two stand against the cage. Larson has Foster’s torso secured, but Foster has a leg and uses it to reverse Larson. Foster lands overhead and lands a nice punch from up top. Larson pitches forward but meets a flurry of punches which appear to stun him. Larson tries to lock up the action, then goes for Foster’s arm, but Foster pours on the punches. Foster stands overhead and contends with Larson’s flailing legs. Larson kicks Foster off him and as Foster gets up, Larson throws an illegal kick that hits Foster in the eye. Lavigne stops the action and has the doctor look at the damage. After a break, Lavinge deducts a point and restarts the action with the doctor’s okay. Larson storms in with a punch an lands a glancing blow but Foster tosses him off as the two lock up. Larson grabs a guillotine and knees Foster in the head with Foster’s left arm still plastered to the mat. Lavigne stops the action once again and deducts another point. Seconds after the restart, the bell rings, prompting boos from the audience.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-7 for Foster.

R2- Foster leads with a kick. Foster closes distance slowly and narrowly misses with a combination. Larson’s head is straight up when he advances, and pays for it with two solid punches as he attempts to lock Foster up. A lightning fast counter right scores for Foster. Foster with a leg kick. Foster loose and limber, trying to get Larson to look at his right hand, then feinting with left jabs. Larson comes in with hesitant leg kick and nearly gets his head taken off with a punch. Larson gets hurt with a spinning back kick and a hard punch that causes him to retreat. Foster slams him down onto the mat, punching out, and Larson turtles up before finding guard. Foster stands out of it and stalks his prey down. Foster catches Larson with an uppercut as Larson ducks in and plasters him with more punches until Larson taps out as Lavigne is stepping in to save him. Foster does a backflip in the center of the cage to punctuate his dominance. The official time is 3:25.

-Caol Uno vs. Fabricio Camoes

R1- Mario Yamasaki calls the action. Southpaw Uno leads with a leg kick. Camoes goes high with a kick, but the slap is more ‘ahhh’ than substance. Uno working to cut Camoes off in the cage. Camoes catches a leg kick and takes Uno down, and Uno pitches forward to front headlock position before righting himself. Camoes comes in with a flurry, but nothing big lands. Uno’s counterattack opens up another takedown for Camoes, who works to pass guard. Camoes stands overhead pensively, and leaps down on Uno. Uno’s too experienced for that, and pops right up. Camoes presses and the two end a sloppy exchange on the ground, where Camoes hops onto Uno’s back. At once, Uno is fighting for his life, and after slowly working arm in, Uno escapes from defeat and pops up. Uno with a leg kick, then another to stop Camoes advance. Uno making a fabit of attacking legs. Camoes attempts to lock up clinch, but Uno pitches forward and mounts briefly against the cage. The two wrestle for position and Uno eventually takes guard, working to punish Camoes with punches. A few shots score, but Camoes ties up. Camoes is working for an armbar as bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Camoes.

R2- Uno again attacking the legs. Camoes chases him back with a flurry of punches. A nice right hand lands for Camoes, and after the two lock up, he wheels to Uno’s back and slams him down. Uno pops up and finds his way to Camoes’ guard. Uno postures up to throw punches and Yamasaki stops the action to deduct a point for an apparent illegal upkick from Camoes. After restart, Camoes cage-walks for an armbar and locks it in, but Uno’s elbow isn’t locked. Camoes taking shots every time Uno postures up. Camoes rolls his way over and rights himself. He catches Uno with several hard hooks in the open and takes Uno down off a body lock. Camoes scrambles to Uno’s back, but without hooks, Uno simply reverses and takes the Brazilian’s guard. Uno with a couple of short elbows. Uno can’t get much done with guard, and cameos eventually reverses and again unloads with punches and a knee from the clinch as round two ends.

MMAWeekly scores the round 9-9.

R3- Both men looking a little winded, but Uno keeps busy with a leg kick and rand hand. When he advances too far though, Camoes lets him have it with punches inside. Uno gets tagged several times, missing a spinning backfist, and shoots for the first time on the Brazilian. The two lock up and work a clinch game against the cage, where Camoes lands a glancing elbow. They break off, and Uno slips on a kick and nearly eats a big hook. Uno with kick to the body as he rights himself. Camoes returns with a double hook combo and a knee. Uno grabs a leg and gets the takedown. Uno works to pass Camoes’ guard, but can’t get around the Brazilian’s legs. Uno pops up and lands a couple of punches, prompting Camoes to grab Uno’s right leg in what looks to be a scissor lock attempt. Uno passes guard and ends up at Camoes’ back, but Camoes has an arm and nearly rolls into a kimura. When he does, though, he ends up mounted briefly. Camoes bucks and Uno stays at his back, landing a few good punches in transition as the round and fight come to an end.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 Uno.

The judges score the bout 29-27, 28-28, and 28-28 for a Majority Draw.

-George Sotiropoulos vs. Jason Dent

R1 – Yves Lavigne calls the action. George paws in with a shot to the body, then goes high with a kick, prompting a smile from Jason. Tentative strikes from both men. Dent hits George with a couple of nice punches as George gets a Muay Thai clinch. Dent breaks free and scores with a counter hook combo, but George is undeterred. Dent scores another counter combo, but George fires back with a kick. Jason scores with a nice jab to the body. They’re both searching for something, but suddenly, George nails a nice double leg and instantly passes to half guard. Dent works to control George’s legs but George stand up and passes to side control. Dent is floundering on his side and George controls his body. George attempts to mount and drops a nice elbow on Dent in transition. George gets mount and begins pounding Dent out. Dent turns to his side. It appears just a matter of time now. George hurls down a couple of nice elbows and punches and bases out when Dent tries to buck. George pounds away to the bell.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 Sotiropoulos.

R2- George lands a leaping one-two, then follows with another combo that scores. Dent fires back with a combo and baits George. George’s punch count is higher, but on the feet, it appears Dent’s strikes are landing cleaner. Dent lands a kick to the body but gets taken down quick, where again, George easily passes to half guard. Jason escapes out the side door but George grabs him and takes his back. Jason gets to his back and tries to fend off another mount attempt. George passes to north-south and bides his time with punches to Dent’s belly. George throws elbows and gives Dent enough room to scramble to his feet. Dent immediately grabs an arm and hints at a kimura, but George powers him down and gets mount. George pounds away with punches and elbows. As Dent scrambles, George grabs his right arm and works to finish an armbar. Dent does not want to give up his arm, but after George isolates it, it’s over. Official time is 4:36.

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    That sucks 🙁 i was hoping for Tito to make a good return and i was hoping he’d whoop forrest damnit i hope he still has another fight in the UFC/